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20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas To Try


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If you’ve been in real estate for a while and have had a number of clients, you probably thought of giving them something the next time you “pop by” their homes. Pop by gifts are affordable presents that come in small packages.  

They could mean several things to your clients, depending on the notes you write that come along with the gifts. But for realtors, giving pop by gifts could be a subtle way of asking for referrals from your clients.

And whenever they think of buying or selling a house in the future, the pop by presents could make them remember you.  

In this article, we’ve put together 20 fantastic real estate pop by ideas you can try. They  will undoubtedly impress your clients And provide you with more real estate business referrals.

20 Pop By Gifts for Realtors

20. Seed or Plant Starter

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s a perfect time to think about giving gifts.

Flower seeds are a great way to start growing plants in the spring. If you need something just for a small plant, then you can give someone an ice cream tub with dirt and soil in it.

You could also give them a personalized tag from HisHer Workshop on Etsy, which has this beautiful design.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-seed or plant starter
Source: Etsy

19. A Luxury Fountain Pen

The perfect gift for your clients is an elegant and expensive fountain pen. This will kill the mood of any closing table in no time, so get a high-quality one without breaking your budget!

You might know this already, but people usually want better gifts. They want the best. Of course, spending money on beautiful writing instruments that don’t perform well is simple.

Before you buy one, take a look at Etsy’s comprehensive list of the top pens in each category to ensure you get the right pen for your clients.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-fountain pen
Source: Etsy

18. Wine Chilling Coasters

Gift your rose wine-drinking clients with these unique, personalized wine coasters. They’re an awesome way to show people that you care about them. These coasters could be perfect for their favorite wine glass.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-wine coasters
Source: Etsy

17. Grill Spatula

A spatula is a great gift for any grill-lover. This practical tool can be paired with the perfect note from Buffini & Company, like this example: “The Market Has Flipped! Call me if you want to know what’s going on in the real estate market.” 

This personalized tag will make them feel special, as they’ll know that their needs are the top priority when it comes time for home improvement or selling purposes. 

Because, who else but an expert would have already heard about all these new trends?

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-grill spatula
Buy from Amazon

16. Fitness Tracker

Give your client the gift that keeps giving! This fitness tracker helps them live an active lifestyle!

It’s rechargeable, so there are no batteries to change. Plus, it tracks all kinds of other great stuff like steps, calories burned and distance covered!

It measures 24 x 1.8 x 0.4 inches, so it’s small enough to carry with you everywhere! This is an awesome gift for people who are interested in fitness.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-fitness tracker
Buy from Amazon

15. Mini Home Office Tabletop Sandbox

Your client might not have anything like this – the perfect beach theme sandbox to help them stay calm and relaxed during stressful days!

It consists of natural sand, shell, and conch that could make you feel like you’re actually at the beach, breathing the cool sea breeze, while basking comfortably in the sun.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-beach zen garden sandbox
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14. Gardening Trowel

The best gift for the spring is a gardening trowel. It’s the perfect accessory to have in your back pocket when your clients are outside working on projects or just enjoying time spent with their families.

Thank them for putting their trust in you using this DIY tag from REdigitalassist, which may be downloaded through Etsy.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-garden trowel
Source: Etsy

13. Rapid Egg Cooker

Give your client the gift of saving time and money with this egg cooker! It’s fast, so it saves time. It is also energy efficient, so it saves the user amount of money.  Who doesn’t want to save time and money?

Cooking with this product produces delicious meals for your clients and their loved ones.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-rapid egg cooker
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12. Homemade Peppermint Hot Cocoa

If you find yourself with some extra time this winter, make your past clients hot peppermint cocoa. While there are many ready-made products you can buy out there, a homemade one could make your clients feel they’re special.

You will then pair their favorite drink with a personalized gift tag, which you can download from Etsy store or make it yourself.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-hot peppermint cocoa
Sources: Etsy, ShibleySmiles

11. Sports-themed Snacks

Baseball season is in full swing, and this baseball-themed pop will make the perfect gift for any fan!

Baseball fans will enjoy the perfect snack for spring: baseball-themed peanuts or sunflower seeds.

You can attach a customized note to it that you can get from Make Me Smile Market store for only $5.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-sports-themed snacks
Source: Make Me Smile Market

10. Banana Bread

If you want to give a baking gift, consider adding homemade banana bread or other baked goods as your pop.

Whether or not your client has baking/cooking skills, they’d love something delectable as a banana bread for dessert or snack.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-banana bread
Source: Etsy

9. Pumpkin Carving Tools

This year’s Halloween may be over, but there’s more to come! That said, it’s never too late to give your clients a Halloween gift. Pumpkin Carving Tools will make a wonderful present, especially if they have children.

Couple it with a cute pop-up card from Etsy store with a personal message to your client. They will love having this for Halloween, and it can be used any time of year too!

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-pumpkin carving tools
Source: Etsy

8. Honey Jar

This clever little jar of honey offered for only $5 is sure to be a hit! A bee-themed note from Etsy store would make it a perfect gift for your clients.

You can print out the card at home if they are not available in their shop.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-honey jar
Source: Etsy

7. Extra Chewing Gum

Extra chewing gum has come up with a clever “extra mile” note.

You can personalize then print it out to attach extra packs of their product for an affordable gift idea that the recipients will appreciate!

These extra chewing gum will help people to see your company. You need to give them as a gift for an event.

People will come and you can talk to them about your business.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-extra chewing gum
Source: Etsy

6. Pie Server

Buffini & Company’s pie server is a creative gift that will keep your past clients coming back for more!

They can use it when looking to refer to someone or want an excuse to have some delicious dessert.

Personalized tags are a great way to show someone you care. It’s a way for both of you to remember each other and stay in touch.

They can put the tag on something they use at home or work, like their computer or their coffee mug.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-pie server
Source: Pinterest

5. Jam Jar

A jar of high-quality, artisanal jam from your hometown is a thoughtful present that your client will appreciate.

It’s the perfect snack to help them get through their day, and it’s also great as an appetizer or dessert!

You may attach this printable tag from Etsy store. Make sure to add in some personal notes and contact information to reach you if they have questions about how things got done.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-jam jar
Source: Etsy

4. Peeps Marshmallows

What’s a better way to celebrate the return of spring than with some delicious Peep flavors?

A pack of these sweet treats will make your clients happy and satisfied.

Make it fresh with a popular tagline from Peggy Urieff, “Have Your Peeps Call My Phone.”

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-peeps marshmallow
Source: Etsy

3. S’mores Kit

The perfect gift for your clients on any occasion, a s’mores kit is the best way to show them how much you care.

Add some lighthearted humor with this amusing tag from Etsy by downloading it as an e-gift card right now!

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-smore kit
Source: Etsy

2. Hand Soap

A hand soap is an essential item for any home now more than ever, especially that the COVID-19 pandemic is still around us. Gifting your client with a hand soap will make them feel that you care about their health and safety.

Pair it with a hand-soap-themed tag, also available on Etsy store, will work with several other pop by ideas like using lotion instead of a regular hand soap. It makes a cute gift in a mini bag!

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-hand soap
Source: Etsy

1. Popcorn Bag

Do you know what a great idea is for any time of the year? Popcorn!

You can get bags or jars that are ready to eat straight out of your fridge. However, I recommend getting something customized.

You can find customizable notes from Etsy that you can use to include contact information. This way, you won’t miss opportunities by not adding your contact details on the note.

Those bags would also make your clients think about you when they’re shopping.

20 Thoughtful Real Estate Pop By Ideas to Try-pop corn bag
Source: Etsy

And there you have it the 20 real estate pop by ideas you can give your clients the next time you drop by their homes. Meanwhile, you might also be interested in checking our post on closing gift ideas for realtors.

Wrapping Up

Giving pop by gifts is an interesting way to stay in touch with your clients. You can do this to make sure they will always think of you when they need real estate advice.

It will show your clients how much you value your relationships with them. They will be grateful for the kind act of stopping by their house to offer a little present.

What ideas do you have in mind for your real estate marketing plan? Do you have any others that didn’t make it to this list? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

casanovabrooksCasanova Brooks is a real estate entrepreneur. With a background as a licensed realtor at Berkshire Hathaway and currently serving as a Change Agent at eXp Realty, Casanova brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Beyond real estate transactions, Casanova is a seasoned motivational speaker, author, and podcast host. His book, “Real Estate: Play the Game Like the Winners,” reflects his commitment to sharing insights and strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Join him on his journey as he continues to make waves in the world of real estate and beyond.

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