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9 Qualities of Successful Real Estate Agents


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What qualities do you need in order to be a successful real estate agent? As the real estate industry changes, so do the needs of agents.

In order to succeed, you need to keep up with the real estate trend in terms of both behavior and skills. You need to learn the good traits of real estate agents so as to compete with the top realtors in your area.

To help you understand the good characteristics of the best real estate agents, we have come up with these 9 good traits of top real estate professionals. 


You need to be determined

Real estate agent showing clients around

Determination is the key to success when it comes to being a real estate agent. You need grit, determination, and willpower in order for you to be successful.

One of the qualities that separate good agents from bad ones is whether or not they are determined enough to put themselves out there and make things happen.

Successful people never stop until they get what they want so if you don’t have this quality then you’ll most likely end up as an average-level agent who relies on someone else’s network.

Successful Realtors know how important it is to keep moving forward even after setbacks which makes them more capable of achieving their goals than those without these qualities would be able to do.

This ability will help your clients feel like they are in good hands and that they can trust you to stay on top of your game.

Negotiating skills

Successful real estate agents know how to negotiate for their clients. This skill can be honed with time and experience, but it’s important that you’re willing to learn so that you’ll always have a leg up on other agents who might not take this step.

Negotiation skills are particularly beneficial when dealing with buyers and sellers who may need some convincing before they sign the dotted line.

It should also go without saying that if an agent is unwilling to start learning these skills then they won’t last long in business as negotiating can happen at any point in the process from finding new listings, showing properties, arranging showings, writing offers, and even handling negotiations after contracts are signed.

The more comfortable you get using these techniques the better chance of closing deals you’ll have.

To be sure that you can actually negotiate and win for your real estate clients, you need to start by negotiating for yourself during commission negotiations. As one of the qualities of a good real estate agent, negotiation must be innate, should be part of you at all times.

You can start sharpening your negotiation skills right from day one when negotiating your commission rate. If you can negotiate your own commission as a real estate agent, and be happy with the rate given, then you can do better for your clients.

A good real estate agent is tech-savvy

qualities of a successful real estate agent - Tech savvy

A career in real estate tech-savvy. They should be able to use the latest technology and apps that are out there in order to stay ahead of their competition.

If you’re not technologically enlightened, it’s time for a change because if your clients can’t find what they want online, chances are someone else will give them the information they need instead of you.

It’s best not to become complacent with knowledge about digital marketing or social media at any point during your career as an agent so make sure you keep up on these skills by attending workshops or seminars from time to time. You’ll never know when this type of skill might come in handy.

As a real estate agent, you should know a little bit more than just browsing the internet. Note that there are many apps these days that have been specifically designed for real estate agents. These apps, plus many other innovations can be all you need to beat your competition.

Have a winning personality

Wooing prospective clients and winning deals can only happen if you have a winning personality. Your clients will see right through any attempts to be fake or insincere and it won’t get you very far in this competitive industry, so make sure that your natural demeanor is always one of warmth, friendliness, humility, and genuine interest.

It is important to remember that you cannot grow a real estate career on your first day, it takes time. But being friendly to potential clients, talk to them with a big smile on your face, and being genuinely interested in their story will take you far; and all these do not need any experience at all.

Integrity and honesty

Real estate professionals are defined by honesty and integrity. A lot of deals can be won by a real estate agent who has integrity and honesty not only with clients but also with other agents, brokers, and everyone else on the team.

A high level of work ethic is required when buying or selling a property. A real estate professional understands this, and communication is a great deal.

It will take time before you become known as someone with integrity because it takes some trial and error to find out what works for your personality.

However, even if people don’t notice your consistent commitment to being honest until they hear about it from others or see proof themselves that’s fine – trustworthiness isn’t something that should come easily. If anything, showing just how hard you work towards honesty and trusting relationships might make them more inclined to hire you!

Being trustworthy is one way to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents. You need to be motivated by the work itself and not just money.

Some agents might be more interested in getting a customer to sign on with them because they’re afraid of losing that customer, but for an agent who has integrity, it’s about helping clients make decisions based on what will help them most – even if that means going against their own interests or making less money from the deal.

It makes sense: after all, how can you convince someone your motives are good when those same motives could lead to bad outcomes?

Ability to network

Real estate professionals need to be able to network and establish connections with people. Networking is a skill that comes naturally for some, but not everyone has the best “people skills”.

In order to succeed in this industry, you need to be willing and able to put other’s interests before your own – even if it means doing things outside of your comfort zone or stepping out of your office. Even finding a local job or being able to sell one property requires connections.

Networking can come in many forms such as asking prospective clients about their lives, goals, family, etc., attending networking events like charity galas or fundraisers, joining professional organizations that have listservs where members discuss common topics related to real estate trends.

A great way also is being active on social media networks by following news sources that are related to Real Estate and commenting on related posts.

As a real estate agent, you must have learned that networking isn’t just for extroverts. Even introverts do interact with potential clients and network with them. This is simply because networking isn’t an option that you can either choose or leave, it is a mandatory skill that one must have to succeed as a real estate agent.

Successful realtors pay attention to details

Successful realtors pay attention to details to the real estate market. You have your eye for detail and you’ll know if a house has been maintained or not.

A good agent will also be observant of what people are interested in, their likes and dislikes, prices they’re willing to spend on properties, etc. so that he/she can best serve the client’s needs.

In order to get some more insight into this quality one might ask themselves: “How would I do at remembering names?” Or “Do I take care with my appearance?”.

There is a need to know the resources that bring in more sales in the real estate career. A real estate agent makes their job a passion.

A successful agent is attentive because it makes them better agents. They don’t want to lose clients by forgetting important information about them or neglecting their preferences over time as tastes change. 

They are intentional because they know that the more invested they are in their clients’ needs, the better service they can provide.

Problem-solving ability

A successful agent must be able to problem-solve, think critically and creatively, and come up with new ways of doing things. This is because there are always going to be issues or situations that arise in the business; an agent who can’t take care of these will not have a profitable career.

An example would be if they hit a case where their client needs assistance finding tenants for the property but no one wants to move into it- this could mean changing some features on the house so people want to live there (e.g., adding more windows or an outdoor patio). They communicate the price for free and with honesty.

The value of a home may not be determined by its price and life. For a successful sale, the real estate agent must search for solutions to issues within the community.


Another key quality of a successful agent is personal motivation. Agents who are not self-sufficient may find themselves getting stuck in bad situations because they cannot figure out how to keep going.

An example would be if someone’s client wants them to take care of finding tenants for their house but the person doesn’t know any good places where people want to live.

This can mean reaching out to colleagues and asking if they have any contacts or ideas and following up with those leads until one work (e.g., after contacting eight different prospects, one finally accepted).

You need to remember that just because you are working under a broker, you are not an employee. You are your own boss and no one will force you to work. For you to walk up every day and go out there to look for business, you must be self-motivated and be disciplined.

There is no denying that a self-motivated client has a better chance to meet more people, build more networks and earn more money.

It takes energy and the right attitude to achieve a sale. A motivated real estate agent can even complete a transaction with a simple phone call.

Dedication to Professional Appearance

Good real estate agents are always well-dressed when they work. They know that their appearance affects the way clients perceive them and how a client will feel about buying from or selling to an agent. This can be either good or bad, but we want it to be positive for us!

Service provision requires a person to value the process and show a great knowledge of the marketing industry. Professionalism says it all.

Professional attire is one of the first impressions you make on a potential buyer/seller so dress accordingly and often with your best business clothes. Make sure you wear professional shoes as well since many people judge others by what type of shoe they wear (or don’t).

You’ll also need appropriate personal hygiene habits such as brushing teeth and wearing deodorant – some high school graduates might not understand why this matters in the workplace, but trust me: if I can smell what you had for lunch, so can a potential client.

Technology ensures easy and efficient search for tips that can make a successful sale for you. Once you create the right interest in the community, every buyer will be looking for your service.

Final Thought

As you can see, there are many qualities that successful real estate agents need to have. If you lack any of these qualities it is not too late! Use this information as a guide and work on developing the skills needed in order to be successful.

It will take time and effort but your hard work will pay off when you reach success with your business. Are there any other traits or skills that we missed? Let us know by commenting below.

casanovabrooksCasanova Brooks is a real estate entrepreneur. With a background as a licensed realtor at Berkshire Hathaway and currently serving as a Change Agent at eXp Realty, Casanova brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Beyond real estate transactions, Casanova is a seasoned motivational speaker, author, and podcast host. His book, “Real Estate: Play the Game Like the Winners,” reflects his commitment to sharing insights and strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Join him on his journey as he continues to make waves in the world of real estate and beyond.

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