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6 Best Airbnb Tools Every Vacation Rental Host Should Use


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Airbnb hosting can be on a whole new level with the ever-evolving technology. For one, using management tools can make managing your rental business more streamlined and efficient. And ultimately, you can acquire good reviews from satisfied guests, save time in your operations, and generate more revenue. 

With that in mind, let’s discuss a few of the best Airbnb tools every vacation rental host should use.

Best Airbnb Tools To Manage Your Rental Business

1. Automated Pricing Software

Automated pricing apps are among the first tools availed to rental hosts. They’re crucial to your pricing strategy, given that the prices displayed to prospects adjust automatically, depending on factors such as market demands. Such robust pricing can help increase revenue from your listing. Also, you’ll have an improved ranking on Airbnb, as they’re directly linked to your listing.

Here are some of these pricing apps you can use:

  • Beyond: This is one of the pioneering pricing tools for revenue management and was previously designed for short term property management and rental owners. It’s modified with features like automatic pricing, an engine for direct booking, guidance experts, and data on performance, among others.
  • Wheelhouse: Wheelhouse can offer in-depth market insights. You can identify how your competition is performing and know how to manipulate your pricing and set variability, discounts, and the number of nights to stay.
  • Price Labs: This tool features algorithms that help strategize your property’s pricing. They can also offer access to a dynamic market dashboard and an analytics portfolio.
Airbnb Tools for Rental Hosts

2. Online Guidebooks

Travelers and tourists generally choose Airbnbs over hotels due to the flexibility of options when experiencing and exploring their destination. And as the host, you can provide them with local recommendations to boost their overall travel experience within your state or city. An online guidebook is one of the ways to offer these recommendations. 

An excellent approach to designing outstanding books is to use apps such as Hostfully, Touchstay, or others. These guidebooks can help save time, improve your guests’ experience, and streamline your communication.

3. Automated Messaging

It’s without a doubt how automation innovated how most industries operate. And managing real estate properties is not an exception. For instance, automated messaging tools can help save time you’d have used to compose one manually.

Moreover, in today’s fast-paced world, clients expect quick responses. However, your lines may not be available 24/7, which could hamper efficient communication between you and potential renters. To avoid such instances, consider utilizing automated messaging tools. 

You can conveniently connect your listing with a messaging app and compose a few messages to save them in the database. You can then use this tool to send messages before your guest’s check-in time, providing instructions and directions.

Examples of these messaging apps include:

  • Guesty: This is one of the most used vacation property management software. This tool offers auto-messages you can customize depending on the booking stage. For instance, you can provide them with more information about your property while they’re still browsing for options. There’s also an auto-reply feature that can accommodate a guest’s query with a quick reply.
  • Hostaway: It’s a short-term software for property managers dreaming of expanding. Hostaway offers hosts tools such as channel managers, automated reviews, guest and owners’ portals, and others.
  • Hospitable: This tool uses artificial intelligence to send messages. It recognizes questions and the main words in a guest’s request, like room service. This aims to provide quick and relevant responses to a guest’s query.

4. Market Analysis

Market research and analysis are essential in managing your vacation rental efficiently. For one, it can keep you well-informed of emerging trends, which can go a long way in helping you come up with strategies to boost your property’s visibility. Essentially, with comparative market analysis, you can gain insights, allowing you to make comparisons and decide what efforts are needed to stay on top of the competition.

Marketing research tools have made this process simple and easy. To know how other property managers are charging or seeking new investment opportunities, you can use marketing research tools such as Transparent and AirDNA.

5. Channel Management Software

Airbnb channel manager synchronizes different apps like your calendar, guest books, and pricing. When you’ve listed your properties across many booking sites, it’s crucial to have an efficient management system that can give you a common point of access on your multiple platforms. And as a result, you won’t need to log in separately to all your accounts.

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6. Key Exchange Tools

As the host, as much as possible, you’d want to give your guests a pleasant and convenient experience on your rental property. And unfortunately, an insufficient check-in procedure can break the deal and impact their experience negatively.

With that, consider including a key storage and management tool. Through this, guests can access their Airbnb without necessarily requiring you to be on the property. There’s a variety of exchange tools to choose from. Some of these tools include KeyNest and Keycafe.

Wrapping Up

The Airbnb business has rapidly advanced over the years. Be on top of your competitors by using the best Airbnb tools available for vacation and short-term rental owners. And with tools such as automated messaging, management, and pricing software, you could maximize your revenue, save time, and get better reviews.

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