The Best Drone for Real Estate Photography: 5 Types to Choose From


If you want to buy a luxury home, have an aerial view of the property. A drone will show homes in a new way so you can see them from the sky. That is different from what other photographers do.

It can help you look at homes from a broader perspective. So, it is easier to take high-quality images than ever before.

As more people start using the best drone for real estate photography, it becomes more common to use this technology when taking pictures of luxury homes.

For those who want to make their real estate transactions more efficient, there’s a perfect drone for you. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at these five best drones and see which one is right for your needs. Read on to learn more about what makes them so great.

What is Real Estate Photography

The Best Drone for Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is the art of photographing homes, buildings, and commercial properties to market these spaces online.

The main goal of real estate photographers is to make the house look good for people who want to buy or rent it. They take pictures that require some background knowledge on both architecture and marketing.

This way, they can best convey their vision to others.

Real Estate Drone vs. Normal Drone

A drone is a type of uncrewed aircraft that can control remotely. Normal drones are used for leisure and entertainment purposes.

However, real estate agents have been using them to capture aerial shots of their property. Here’s what you need to know about the difference between the two types.

Real estate agents use a special type of drone called a “real estate drone.”

These flying gadgets are made for one thing – to take high-quality video footage of an area. They do this on behalf of clients.

It is different from other drones. They are not like the ones people use for fun and work. This drone has more features.

Many real-life agencies and professionals use the latest drone technology. They fly these drones for capturing aerial shots of property all across America.

It is also more specific than a normal recreational drone because it’s used in different ways by professionals to attract clients.

Choosing the Best Drone For Real Estate Photography: Buying Guide

What are the most important things to consider when buying a drone for real estate photography?

Learn what you need to know about drones for this specific type of work.

Camera Specs

The best drone for real estate photography will have a high-resolution camera, such as 12 MP or higher. You’ll also need to consider the aperture, which should be fairly large.

Flight Performance

When choosing the perfect drone for real estate photography, consider how well they can hover. The best drone will maintain its position in the air, even if there are wind gusts.

Range of Flight

Since these drones will be used for photographing property, you have to make sure they have a range of at least 300 feet. This way, the device can capture the best shots.

Battery Life

Another important factor that makes a drone excellent for real estate photography is battery life. You’ll want to make sure it can stay in the air for at least 20 minutes.


It goes without saying that the best drone for real estate photography comes a bit pricey. That said, you must see to it that it has all of the best features.


Real estate photography drones are best used with Wi-Fi transmission systems. As such, you should take into account how much storage they have.


It is essential to ensure that elements present around your drone are not affected negatively. Ensure that your drone is equipped with features such as vision sensors and GPS positioning to guarantee safety for others and yourself.


Portability is an important factor in real estate photography projects. It means that you will need to move around frequently.

So, it can be tricky without a drone since they’re usually too large for such tasks!

A portable aerial camera would make those shots easier, not only because it has shorter battery life but also by allowing photographers more mobility when shooting homes.

Flight Modes

Flight modes are also an important factor in real estate photography. You can use a drone with more than two flight modes to adjust your settings better and get even the most challenging shots.

Other Factors

Some of the best drones for real estate photography come with GPS and return-to-home functions. This makes it easier for users to get their best drone back in case of an emergency.

5 Best Drones for Real Estate Photography in 2022

1. DJI Mavic Air 2

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is the ultimate portable drone for travelers, photographers, and videographers.

It folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to bring with you everywhere.

This flying camera captures smooth footage at 1080p at up to 80 kph (50 mph). Its 3-axis mechanical gimbal keeps shots steady during quick maneuvers.

  • Portable & Foldable – Get ready to capture your world in a whole new way. With its compact size, portability, and aerodynamic design, the Mavic Air is the best travel companion yet.
  • Ready to Fly – The Mavic Air comes with a compact and ultra-lightweight remote controller that fits perfectly in your pocket when folded.
  • First Person View (FPV) Mode with VR Headset Compatibility – Get an immersive flight experience like never before!
  • With its advanced technology, the Mavic Air is best for taking selfies with its camera having a 48-megapixel panoramic shot.
  • Smart Capture – The aircraft records smooth, steady video. The video is in beautiful 1080p, and it can track moving subjects automatically.
  • Flight Autonomy – The Mavic Air’s Flight Autonomy system includes the main camera, a vision positioning system (VPS), dual-band GPS, high-precision inertial measurement unit, and 24 powerful computing cores.
  • Longer Flight Time – Fly for up to 34 minutes with a single charge of its intelligent battery and capture more footage at the best angle.
  • Advanced Camera for Amazing Shots – The Mavic Air has a camera that takes nice pictures. It can take up to 12-megapixel photos.

DJI Mavic Air 2

The Best Drone for Real Estate Photography - DJI Spark
$ 795

It shoots beautiful 1080p Full HD video (30 fps) in HDR, which means you will be able to shoot like an expert even if you have never flown before!

DJI Mavic Air, the best camera drone for real estate photography, is the best way to take aerial pictures.

When you want to capture unique shots of your home, it’s best to hire a professional photographer with high-quality equipment like this DJI Mavic Air Drone For Sale.

It comes fully equipped with everything you need and makes capturing all those best moments as easy as possible.

2. The GoolRC Drone

The GoolRC Drone is the perfect drone for anyone looking to get into the hobby of drones.

The lightweight, durable construction allows you to take it anywhere and everywhere you want without worrying about damaging it.

The 6-axis gyro stabilizer system makes this drone easy to control and fly, even on windy days! It comes with a 720P HD camera that records videos and photos so you can capture all your adventures from above!

The flight time is around 7 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to capture everything you need in a single flight.

  • Foldable & Portable Design – The foldable design lets you take your drone anywhere with ease!
  • You’ll be able to fly it at home or when going on an adventure outside, thanks to its compact and lightweight construction, making it perfect for travel, hiking, camping, and more!
  • Durability – The GoolRC is made of highly durable materials. It has a lightweight, strong frame that can withstand crashes or hard landings.
  • Safe & Fun – This best camera drone for real estate photography offers you everything needed to have an immersive flight experience!
  • Easy Controls – The controller comes with a built-in screen and FPV, which allows you to see everything that the camera sees in real-time!

The GoolRC Drone

The Best Drone for Real Estate Photography - GoolRC Drone
$ 80

With an easy joystick controller, you can control your drone and take amazing selfies from above.

3. The DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is a mini drone that shoots full HD video and 12MP photos. It has a flight time of 16 minutes, max speed of 31 MPH, max distance of 1.2 miles, and comes with 4K video recording capability.

The DJI Spark weighs just 300 grams and can be controlled by hand gestures or using your smartphone/tablet. The aircraft has a two-axis gimbal to stabilize the camera while shooting videos or taking pictures.

Using your smartphone from up to 1000 meters away, you can control this drone for the truly best camera drone for the real estate photography experience!

  • Flight Autonomy – Spark’s FlightAutonomy system includes the main camera, a vision positioning system (VPS), dual-band GPS, a high-precision inertial measurement unit, and 24 powerful computing cores.
  • Palm Control Mode – In this mode, you can control your best camera drone for real estate photography with just hand gestures.
  • Gesture Mode – This mode allows you to use simple hand gestures to control the best camera drone for real estate photography!

DJI Spark

The Best Drone for Real Estate Photography - DJI Spark
$ 419

The DJI Spark is best for taking aerial pictures. It comes at a reasonable price that won’t break your budget.

4. The Vivitar Phoenix Drone

The Vivitar Phoenix Drone is not only perfect for casual everyday use but also for capturing dynamic scenes from an aerial view.

It has an HD camera that is motorized, meaning you can rotate it up to 180 degrees. With it, you can capture every angle of your property so potential buyers can visualize it completely.

This drone also has a stunning flight time of 32 minutes, allowing you to cover every aspect of the house either with videos or photos.

  • Camera – The Vivitar Phoenix Drone has an HD rotating camera that can be turned around up to 180 degrees. With it, you can take videos and photos with ease and flexibility.
  • Flexible Speed Modes – This drone is equipped with a brushless motor combined with a GPS technology, letting you choose the speed you need from Slow, Medium, and Fast. Regardless of your pacing, you can be assured that the quality of each video or photo taken is maintained.
  • Wi-Fi and GPS Support  – With a Wi-Fi streaming that comes with this drone, you can get feedback on your  recordings real time. Also, its GPs positioning follows your movement and returns to you using a headless mode function.
  • Flight Time – You can take videos or photos up at an altitude of up to 3,500 meters without losing connection. As long as the drone is fully charged, a recording of up to 32 minutes is possible.

Vivitar Phoenix Drone

The Best Drone for Real Estate Photography - Vivitar Phoenix
$ 249

5. The Ruko F11 Pro

The Ruko F11 Pro is an ultra high-quality, all-around drone with solid features and videography capabilities. It has a 4K UHD picture quality and 2.9k video for excellent clarity.

With beginner settings, this drone can be used by anyone, the complete beginners included. Once you’ve become used to it, you can explore its more advanced features for maximum use. 

Be warned, though, of fast charging. This is not allowed and you’re not supposed to use a charger over 5V/3A as it can damage the device.

  • Camera – The Ruko F11 Pro has a 120-degree FOV lens and 90-degree adjustable camera allowing for a wider view of your property.
  • Flight Modes – Flying for Ruko F11 Pro 3 becomes a lot easier and full of fun with its intelligent flight features, such as the Follow Me Mode, Point of Interest, Hand Gesture Shots, and Tap Fly. The drone flies itself and records amazing videos in just a click.
  • Auto Return Home GPS – With this fantastic feature, allowing your drone to return to its takeoff location automatically when its battery is low or loses signal, you can be at peace that your drone will never be lost.
  • Flight Time – This drone has a flight time of up to 30 minutes thanks to its upgraded 2500mAh smart battery.

Ruko F11 Pro

The Best Drone for Real Estate Photography - mavic air 2
$ 299

Frequently Asked Questions

Drones for real estate photography can be a great way to get perspective and show off the beauty and size of your home.

1) Drones are inexpensive: Drones’ aerial photographs are much less expensive than hiring an airplane or helicopter. They’re often free if you own the property that you want to photograph.

2) They are safe: Using drones eliminates any risk of death by a plane crash, which is costly and devastating for family members who have lost someone in such a tragic accident.

3) They’re quick: Drones are capable of capturing an entire property within minutes. That makes it easier to capture many different views in one day, giving clients a better idea of the size and scope of your home or property.

Suppose you want to get started with aerial photography for real estate. In that case, you don’t need to buy a professional-grade drone. Any good quality quadcopter will do!

The use of drones in real estate photography is becoming more and more popular. But are there laws surrounding it? If you’re thinking about getting a drone for this purpose, here’s what you need to know.

Most of the rules surrounding drones with photography are based on where you intend to fly.

1) Keep your drone in sight: The most important rule for flying a drone is always to keep the drone in sight at all times. That means you’ll need a spotter who can keep an eye on it throughout the flying process.

2) Keep your drone below 400 feet: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules state that you can fly your drone no more than 400 feet above the ground. This rule is in effect for both commercial and recreational flyers, so be sure that you always keep your drone below this limit.

No, you don’t need a professional drone pilot to operate your drone. Most drones are easy enough for the average person to fly with basic knowledge of working them. You can hire a professional real estate photographer, though, to take the footage that you can edit in post-production.

Final Words

Drones for real estate photography are becoming an increasingly popular and useful tool in the industry. Many people use them to get spectacular footage of their homes, becoming an effective way of marketing their property to prospective buyers. We hope you find this article helpful and informative. Also, feel free to share your thoughts about each type of drone.

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