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4 Tips For Homeowners When Conducting An Open House


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An open house allows you to showcase your premises and get potential buyers. Thus, you must consider it if you plan to sell your home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working by yourself or a real estate agent; hosting an open house can give you better chances is selling your property.

However, you may be asking yourself how to conduct a successful open house and we’re here to provide some tips for an open house.

There are many things you’ve to accomplish to make this process successful. One way is to work with a Coquitlam realtor if you cannot host the open house yourself. However, if you want to conduct it yourself, here are a few tips you can follow:

Best Homeowner Tips For An Open House

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1. Advertise Your Open House

Advertising is the best way to go if you want to conduct a successful open house. With that in mind, ensure you run advertisements across multiple channels before you hold an open house.

You can use channels such as:

  • Real estate sites, such as Trulia and Zillow
  • Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook
  • Email
  • Multiple listing service
  • Direct mail flyers

As much as you might consider using digital advertising methods, remember to use traditional techniques, such as newsletters or newspapers, to capture as many prospects as possible. Your advertisement should also be inclusive of the directions to your home. You can share a photo or a link with directions to your home.

2. Prepare Your Property For The Open House

Each person usually looks forward to having a well-organized and attractive home. As a homeowner, you must figure out the possible ways to make your home captivating, especially to your target buyers. Remember, the purpose of an open house is to show off your property.

Knowing that, ensure you declutter and clean the parts of your home you want to present to potential buyers. By doing this, you will make your house presentable and inviting. Besides, you won’t feel uncomfortable whenever potential buyers turn up. You may even want to consider purchasing ArchiPro kitchen and laundry products to make your home as presentable as possible.

Remember to remove all your items and valuables and keep them somewhere safe. This will give prospective buyers a picture of what it’ll look and feel like to live there. If you leave everything scattered all over the house, it will be difficult for them to imagine living in your home.

Thus, during your open house, ensure everything is organized and eliminate anything too personal to the sight of your buyers. Furthermore, you must prepare yourself to answer your potential buyers’ questions. Early preparation is critical to holding a successful open house.

3. Issue Out Information Packages

If you’re expecting many visitors, think of a way to grab their attention once they reach your open house. Here, your dining or kitchen table usually comes in handy by offering you a place where you can display additional reading materials, such as:

  • Community brochures
  • Flyers
  • Property details

Such materials usually give your target buyer additional information regarding your home. And with this information, potential buyers will leave your premises with the pertinent information to help them decide whether they want to purchase your home. It would help if you also offered attendees an information package concerning local schools. 

You can also share information with the attendees online by sending them captivating videos and pictures of your home alongside more details that might be helpful to them.

Online information will help them to compare your home with other homes they might come across. Lastly, offer your attendees your business card to enable them to contact you quickly in case of any inquiries.

4. Schedule The Best Day And Time

Another tip you must consider when conducting an open house is scheduling the perfect day and time. The day and timing should bring you as many potential buyers as possible.

Scheduling your open house on weekends is likely to bring traffic, which might be a success for your business. If you have enough time, scheduling open houses for Saturday and Sunday is best to attract the most foot traffic.

You can also conduct an open house during weekdays, though you should schedule the time well. To do this, you must understand your target buyer and the times that will most likely work for them.

More importantly, however, is the first day you hold an open house. Thus, it’s paramount that you choose a suitable date and time to attract the most potential buyers to your home.


Open houses are the best way to show off your premises when they’re on sale. That said, ensure you follow the tips above to hold a successful open house.

The tips above can help guide you on how best to prepare, especially if you’re conducting the open house yourself. However, you can have a real estate agent conduct them for you.

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