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How Do VA Home Loans Work? How To Maximize Its Benefits


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Many financing options are available for those who dream of owning a house. Individuals such as veterans, service men and others eligible can avail of VA home loans. It is a government-backed loan that features different programs for the various housing needs of specific individuals.

If you’re wondering how VA loans work and if you are eligible, this article will provide useful information to help you with the process.

Are VA Home Loans For You?

va home loans

VA loans begin through an inquiry, learning about the requirements and filling out a loan application.

Your application gets approved after proving that you can repay it and cover other costs. While most of the process is similar to other loans, it also comes with unique features apart from the costs and fees. 

Military Service Verification 

VA stands for Veterans Affairs, meaning it is under the US government and related to the military sector. VA loans are only eligible for individuals who were in service during a specific time to meet requirements.  

No Minimum Credit Score 

There’s a chance you can get an approval for a VA loan with low credit score since the government has not set any minimum. But keep in mind that private lenders offering it established a minimum of 620.

They will also look into other factors, such as your payment history, which includes the last 12 months of mortgage payments or rental pay-offs. If you have a low credit score, lenders might forgive it if the borrower is disabled or has active-duty records. 

A Funding Fee Is Necessary 

While eligible veterans and those in active service can offer no down payment, they have to pay a funding fee of up to 3.6%. The amount is added to the loan amount since it is used to offset how much the loan costs taxpayers.  

You Can Skip Mortgage Insurance 

Paying for mortgage insurance is typically a requirement for loans that need little to no down payment. It secures the lenders if the borrower defaults on their loan, forcing them to foreclose the property. But individuals who apply for VA loans don’t have to pay mortgage insurance.

There Are No Federal Limits 

The government has not set any maximum amount for VA loans. In most states, the conforming loan amount limit is USD$647,200. You can use this funding to purchase a property, flip a home, or renovate your dwelling. 

Borrowers Can Save On Closing Costs 

Lenders are only allowed to charge the borrowers a maximum of 1% of the loan price as the fee. This is one of the VA loan features that makes it more affordable than any loan program.

Tips When Applying For VA Loans

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VA loans have a lot of benefits for eligible individuals. To make the whole process easy, below are some helpful tips to guide you moving forward. 

Get A Pre-approval First 

Like any other loan, it can help to get preapproved first. Primarily, it supports your purchasing power. It allows you to act faster or quicken the buying process of your home. A pre-approval will enable you to make an offer faster, giving you more leverage over any other buyer.

When you’re preapproved, sellers and real estate agents see you as a serious property buyer. It helps when you have a copy of the VA loan pre-approval letter because it allows you to secure the home faster than others.  

Reduce Debt-To-Income Ratio 

Lenders need to be able to tell if you can repay the loan. They will look at your monthly expenses to determine the rate they will give you.

Part of the consideration includes monthly income or what was left after paying off debts and taxes. Your lender also looks into your total debt divided by your gross income.

Debt could come from student loans, credit card debt, and the mortgage that will reflect on your credit report.  

Lenders will be more encouraged to give you the best rates if you can lower your debt-to-income ratio by 41%.

But lenders are allowed to set a higher DTI (debt-to-income), and they can award a better interest rate if you can lower your debts by paying them off gradually before applying for a VA loan. 

Get A VA Loan Appraisal


It will serve you to get a loan appraisal first before applying for a VA loan:

  • It protects you from overpaying your mortgage. You want to ensure you’re only paying what you’re supposed to give the lender.
  • It also helps the lender avoid giving you more than the property value.
  • It ensures that the home you want has passed the VA’s basic safety and livability requirements. 

The appraisal is performed by a certified representative of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The appraiser must determine the actual market value of the property you want.

The valuation includes a home inspection and comparisons of the asking price and the value of similar homes in the area. The borrower must first secure proof of the loan appraisal before approaching a lender.

In Conclusion

A VA Loan is dedicated to eligible veterans and service members so they can buy, renovate or avoid foreclosure. It has some of the best benefits for those who have served the country through military service.

But before a loan application, it’s worth exploring tips that can help you as the borrower, such as what paperwork to prepare and bring to save you time or what to do to get the best rates.

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