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Ownerly vs. Zillow: A Comparative Analysis of the Best Home Value Websites of 2022


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A lot of people in the real estate industry like to think of Zillow and Ownerly as two sides of the same coin. Both are large, well-funded companies that offer a variety of services to both home buyers and sellers.

However, there are some key differences between the two that you should be aware of before choosing which one to use.

In this blog post, we’ll be comparing Ownerly and Zillow, two of the most popular platforms out there.

We’ll discuss their different features and pricing structures so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. So let’s get started!

Here’s a comparison of Ownerly vs. Zillow.

What is Ownerly, and how does it work compared to Zillow?

ownerly vs. zillow_which is more secure

Ownerly is a website and app that offers detailed home appraisals.

It’s different from Zillow because it doesn’t offer real-time estimates of a home’s market value. Instead, it assigns each house a unique rating based on its age, location, size, and other factors.

This rating gives you a good idea of how much the property is worth and can be used for insurance purposes, estate planning, or tax assessments.

Ownerly also offers a wide range of other services, including small loans provision, home improvement advice, and more.

Zillow is a website and app that offers real-time estimates of a home’s market value based on a property’s previous data.

It’s a popular choice for home buyers and sellers because it offers a wide range of features, including the ability to see how much a property is worth, view Zestimates for nearby homes, and more.

Zillow also offers a wide range of pricing options, depending on your needs.

Which service is better for me?

That depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want a detailed appraisal of your home, then Ownerly is the better choice. However, if you’re just looking for an estimate of a home’s market value, then Zillow is the better option.

Keep in mind that Zillow’s estimates are not always accurate, so it’s important to do your own research before making any decisions.

Are Ownerly estimates more accurate than Zillow?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the value of a property, so it’s difficult to say whether Ownerly estimates are always accurate.

However, they’re based on a detailed analysis of each house and take into account a wide range of factors, so they’re usually more accurate than Zillow Zestimates.

How much do Zillow and Ownerly cost?

how much does ownerly cost

You can use the home value estimator of Zillow and Ownerly for free.

Zillow offers their Zillow Premier Agent feature which has a wide range of pricing options, depending on your real estate needs. Meanwhile, Ownerly starts at $1 and offers a seven-day free trial.

What are the pros and cons of Ownerly and Zillow?

When discussing the pros and cons of property apps, realtors should take into account the following:

1) Property apps make it easy for buyers to find properties that match their interests and criteria.

2) Property apps provide information about available properties, including pictures, floor plans, and location.

3) Property apps can help buyers save time by allowing them to search for properties from their phones or devices.

4) Property apps can help buyers stay organized by saving favorite properties and creating lists of desired properties.

5) Property apps allow buyers to remain connected with brokers and agents even when they are not searching for a property.

Let us now discuss the Pros and Cons of Ownerly.

The pros of Ownerly include:
The cons of Ownerly include:

On the other hand, the Pros and Cons of Zillow are as follows:

The pros of Zillow include:
The cons of Zillow include:

Is Ownerly legitimate?

Realtors should consider that property valuation apps are becoming increasingly popular and are often used to get a quick estimate of a property’s worth.

While these apps can be helpful for getting a general idea of a property’s value, they should not be used to determine the final selling price of a home.

A real estate agent and, likewise, realtors should also be aware that many different types of property valuation apps are available, and not all of them are created equal. Some online home value estimators may only be able to provide estimates for specific types of properties, such as off-market homes, while others may be more general in nature when it comes to real estate.

It is important to do your research before choosing an app to use and to make sure that the app you choose is reputable and has been and has been verified by other users.

The legitimacy of Ownerly can be well explained by the fact that Ownerly and other property valuation sites, utilize automated valuation models (AVMs) to produce the data they provide.

AVMs are sophisticated algorithms that combine public domain data with machine learning methods. The use of AVMs in comparative market analysis has exploded in recent years as real estate transactions have become more complex and buyers and sellers have become more sophisticated.

AVMs are used not only by a real estate agent, but also by mortgage lenders, appraisers, and other real estate professionals.

AVMs can be helpful to real estate professionals in several ways.

First, they can provide an estimate of a property’s value that is objective and unbiased. Second, they can help agents compare properties quickly and easily. Third, they can help real estate agents and free home value estimators price properties accurately and competitively. Fourth, they can help agents and buyers assess the marketability of a property.

Ownerly is a great site for detailed appraisals based on a wide range of factors, as well as home financing and improvement advice.

In contrast, Zillow utilizes its own proprietary estimates of properties’ current market values for comparative market analysis.

Even though Zestimates are more accurate than before because they use real data about the property’s past, they are still only forecasts, not absolute facts. Zillow even advises users and real estate agents against treating them as gospel.

How safe is your data with Ownerly and Zillow?

ownerly vs. zillow_which service is better

When apps like Zillow collect your data, this means that they offer many services that require data about you and your devices. They collect this information in order to improve the quality of their service but also to identify you.


Zillow makes it easy for you to protect your privacy by giving access to a variety of tools that allow users the opportunity not only to see what information they have shared with us but also to delete any kind of data from their databases.


By using the Zillow Privacy Center, you can view what kind of data they collect about their users and which third parties are allowed to receive it. You will also be able to download a copy from your account so that if necessary or desired for any reason whatsoever – such as needing more space at home-you may take all those files with ease!

Online valuation apps are becoming more and more popular as people shift their purchasing power to the internet. However, there are some risks that realtors should be aware of when using these apps.

The most important thing to remember is that online valuation apps rely on data from public records.

So, if there is incorrect or outdated information in the public records or user-submitted data, the app will produce an inaccurate valuation. It’s important to always double-check the information that the app provides against the most recent public records.

Another risk of using online valuation apps is hacking. Apps that store user data are vulnerable to hacking, and your personal information could be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Ownerly takes data privacy and security very seriously. They use state-of-the-art security measures to make sure that your data is safe, and we will never sell or share your data without your explicit permission.

They also use strict internal guidelines to ensure that your data is used only for legitimate purposes. So far, we have had no reported incidents of data theft or misuse.

Ownerly vs. Zillow: Which one is easier to use?

couple holding their phones

There are a few key things that realtors need to look for in a property valuation app.

The most important thing is that the app is easy to use. It should be intuitive and easy to navigate so that you can find the information you need quickly and easily.

The app should also be fast and responsive so that it doesn’t slow down your workflow.

And it’s important that the app be accurate and up-to-date so that you can trust the valuations it provides.

Ownerly is easy to use.

You can get a detailed appraisal of your home by entering in some basic information about the property.

Zillow, on the other hand, is more complex and may be too overwhelming for some users. It offers a wide range of features, which can be both good and bad depending on your needs.

How accurate is Zillow compared to Ownerly?

Zillow has its own proprietary estimates of homes’ current market values, which are more accurate than before but still just guessing.

Ownerly is more accurate because it uses a detailed analysis of each house and takes into account a wide range of factors.

Zillow is good for getting a wide range of features, while Ownerly is better if you want a more accurate estimate.

Zillow Home Values vs. Actual Sale Prices

There are a number of factors that determine home values vs actual sale prices of properties.

One of the most important is location: homes in prime neighborhoods or areas with desirable features (e.g. waterfront property) will typically sell for more than homes in other areas, even if the features of the homes themselves are similar.

Another important factor is the age and condition of a home. A newer or better-maintained home will generally sell for more than an older or dilapidated one.

The economy also plays a role, as, during times of recession or low economic growth, the prices of homes tend to drop as demand decreases.

Actual sale prices refer to the prices of homes that have recently been sold. Zillow Zestimates are the company’s proprietary estimates of how much homes are currently worth.

Zestimates are not very accurate and tend to be lower than Actual Sale Prices. This is because Zillow’s Zestimates are only estimates, not actual values. Ownerly is more accurate than Zillow because it uses a detailed analysis of each house and takes into account a wide range of factors.

Which website do I recommend for getting an accurate home value estimate - Ownerly or Zillow?

I would recommend using Ownerly for an accurate home value estimate. Zillow is more complex and its Zestimates are not as accurate as Ownerly’s estimates.

Zillow is good for getting a wide range of features for a real estate agent, while Ownerly is better if you want a more accurate estimate.

When it comes to finding the best website for estimating your home’s value, it can be difficult to decide between Ownerly and Zillow. Both websites have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Which is the most accurate site for home values?

While it is difficult to say which site is definitively the most accurate for home values, Ownerly is usually more accurate than Zillow.

This is because Ownerly’s estimates are based on a detailed analysis of each house and take into account a wide range of factors. Zillow’s Zestimates, while more accurate than before, are still only forecasts.

You should use Zillow if you’re looking for a wide range of features, including the ability to see how much a property is worth and view Zestimates for nearby homes. You should use Ownerly if you’re looking for a detailed appraisal of your home that takes into account a wide range of factors, including the fair market value.


As real estate technology advances, it is becoming easier and easier to get an estimate of your home’s value. Zillow is a good option for users who want a wide range of features, while Ownerly is better for users who want more accuracy. In the end, it all comes down to what you are looking for in a home appraisal website.

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