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The Best Real Estate Shows on Netflix in 2022


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If you’re looking for the best shows to watch on Netflix in 2022, this is your guide. The home-buying and selling process has changed a lot over the years, and these days, many people rely on TV shows to learn about it. 

The home-buying process is complex and can be very stressful, which means that people are looking for shows on Netflix to help them feel less alone.

These shows are perfect for when you have a free weekend or before you start watching your favorite show. The best real estate shows will teach you all about the home buying and selling process, how it works today, tips from experts, and more!

The real estate market can be confusing for new buyers, so we compiled a list of some of the best shows to help you get started!

Why do people love these shows so much?

People love real estate shows so much because they get to see people’s homes and follow their lives. They get to know the family and hear about their children, what kind of pets they have if there is a pool in the backyard. The best part of it all? 

You can live vicariously through them! All you need is an internet connection and a TV. 

People also enjoy watching these shows. 

It is because it’s like one big reality show with drama at every turn: who will buy this house, who will not sell theirs for less than the asking price, how will the carpet look after the last renter left. 

These people may be rich, but they find themselves on edge while waiting on decisions from other buyers or sellers. It’s addictive, and when one episode ends, you’ll find yourself needing to watch another. 

The best real estate shows on Netflix in 2022 will help you stay up to date on the latest home-buying trends and even inspire you to make a big purchase like buying your place. 

The shows will also help you take a step back from being so emotionally involved in the process and help you enjoy it more. 

The best real estate shows on Netflix will also teach you about the real estate market and how it works.

What are the best real estate shows on Netflix?

The Best Real Estate Shows on Netflix in 2022

Real estate shows are great to watch when you have nothing else to do. There are many on Netflix that will keep you entertained for hours.

Here is a list of the best real estate shows on Netflix: 

Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation is an American reality television series that was first released in 2014.

Zack Giffin and John Weisbarth host the show. It follows them as they travel across the United States to explore tiny homes, meet the people living in them, and help families design their own tiny homes.

They also help new families build a new tiny home of their own in a space that is not more than 500 square feet. This show is great for those looking to save money or anyone who would like to simplify their life.

In 2019, the show’s final season became available to stream on Netflix.

Marriage or Mortgage

It’s a simple question with no easy answers. But one more couple is asking themselves as the price of real estate soars in many regions.

Marriage or Mortgage is a new show on Netflix that aims to help engaged couples decide whether to rent a venue for their wedding or find a new home.

The show follows two experts who make their case for one of the options: real estate agent David Fleming and wedding planner Erika Napoletano.

In each episode, they are dedicated to persuasive arguments about marriage versus buying a place to live.

They try to convince two sets of soon-to-be newlyweds that their money will go further if they invest in an abode rather than a wedding.

To win over clients, the experts must convince them of two things:

  • That they will be happier in a home than in an apartment, or
  • They’ll have better luck selling their house down the road.


The couple will go ahead with either plan only if both sides can agree. The show features couples from across the United States.

And puts their relationship to the test as it weighs whether they should listen to their hearts or bank accounts.

Stay Here

Stay Here is a home improvement show on Netflix that focuses on renovating short-term rental homes across the United States.

Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer are two people who have their hands in different aspects to make sure these homes receive renovations to increase profitability for the landlords. 

The show has 8 episodes, with each episode containing its lesson. Stay Here focuses on making homes more profitable for those renting them out.

Peter Lorimer, a real estate agent, and Genevieve Gorder, an interior designer, work together to renovate these vacation homes to make them into short-term rentals.

It is available to stream in HD and 4K, with Netflix offering Ultra HD 4k for supported devices. The older version of the show before the revamp was titled “The Weekenders”.

Dream Home Makeover

Dream Home Makeover has received positive reviews, with one critic calling it “a fun show to watch” and another praising McGees’ talent for design.

Dream Home Makeover is currently streaming on Netflix. Studio McGee Productions produced the dream Home Makeover.

It was created, written, and directed by Shea and Syd McGee and produced by Mary Scott. The show has been renewed for a second season.

The series follows both the personal and professional lives of the McGees. Shea and Syd are both life and business partners, raising their five children together while running Studio McGee.

The series also documents renovations to their own home in Utah, where they have lived for 20 years.

These renovations include designing a new kitchen or bathroom, creating an outdoor living space, and building a recording studio for Shea’s band.

Studio McGee is an interior design company based in Utah. They provide upgrades to people’s homes, such as kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations.

In Dream Home Makeover, each episode follows a new client as they choose renovations for their home.

The type of renovation can be as simple as one room or extensive enough to change the house’s layout entirely.

Each project also includes time at Studio McGee’s headquarters, where Shea and Syd gather ideas and materials to fit into their clients’ budgets.

Instant Hotel

Instant Hotel series was first announced on October 25th 2017, with production commencing in Brisbane on November 4th, airing seven episodes until December 18, 2017.

The series was renewed for a second season on March 16, 2018, with production commencing in Melbourne on April 4th and airing from April 7th, of the same year.

The program follows different homeowners who are transformed into hoteliers in just 24-hours.

The contestants compete against each other in two teams to take their home from a bedroom to the best boutique hotel Mark Hayes and Mimi Gilmour judge.

The winner of the competition gets $100,000 in prize money. The program is similar to Channel Nine’s The Block.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is a British television series that originally aired on BBC Two and then was acquired by Netflix.

The show showcases homes built in very extreme or challenging environments and how their design adapts to these situations.

Season 1 and 2 of the show were filmed over three years; they feature eight US, Switzerland, Spain, France, Japan, Mali, and Norway.

The show’s host Piers Taylor is an award-winning architect, while Caroline Quentin has a background in property development.

Season 1 was originally broadcast by BBC Two on October 8, 2015. The series consisted of four episodes that aired weekly. Each episode features three homes built in challenging environments around the world.

The first episode focused on homes that build into mountainsides, the second focused on floating homes, the third on homes near waterfalls, and the fourth featured homes built in extreme earthquake zones.

The show’s host, Piers Taylor, claims that Frank Lloyd Wright particularly influenced him during college.

His work often features modernist designs that are juxtaposed with the natural surroundings. He has already won several awards for his work in architecture.

The property developer Caroline Quentin is not an architect herself; however, she has worked on property development projects during her career. She is also an author whose work often focuses on homes, including her book Birdwatching in Tuscany.

Although this is not a drama series, the show features plenty of dramatic moments that help to keep viewers captivated.

The challenges that each home faces are also very interesting to learn about. These types of homes are rarely seen in western society. It is an eye-opening experience for people who have never had this experience before.

The show also includes interviews with the designers and homeowners of each home. That helps to shed more light on their construction process and what it is like living in a structure that looks so out of place in its surroundings.

Million Dollar Beach House

Million Dollar Beach House was produced by Media Rights Capital, in association with Netflix. The series was created and written by Sam Wolfson.

It is a reality streaming television series that aired on Netflix on August 26th, 2020. The show follows a group of young real estate agents employed at Nest Seekers International’s East Hampton, New York branch.

The series provides viewers with an inside look at the luxury real estate market in the Hamptons, including the deals that are made, deals that don’t go through, and the lives of luxury brokers who have access to million-dollar listings.

Each episode gives us a new character and tells a story with, most likely, no connection to prior episodes. That means we will never know what happened in this particular listing’s history leading up to the time when it’s finally for sale!

Selling Sunset

It is a real estate series that premiered on May 23rd, 2019. On Netflix, Selling Sunset is classified as an unscripted reality television show.

In each episode, viewers are given a glimpse into the life of a real estate agent while being shown actual footage of them selling a client’s home.

Selling Sunset has been nominated for some prestigious awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award in 2021, and a Golden Globe Award in 2022.

Oppenheim Group is reportedly the largest luxury real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles with over 30 agents. In this series, viewers are introduced to a few of the top agents at Oppenheim.

Jason Oppenheim is the president of Oppenheim Group. Oppenheim Group prides itself on assisting clients through this life-changing event, creating opportunities for the agents to get referrals from past clients.

Each episode features one or two agents selling a house, and at the end of each episode, viewers get a glimpse into their personal lives and professional careers.

Selling Sunset has been regarded as a docu-series because it does not follow a script. It is not a scripted show because the scenes are not set up.

The scenes are real footage of actual events that happened throughout the day, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to someone watching at home.

Real Estate Shows on Netflix: Final Thoughts

For those curious in the real estate industry, Netflix has a few shows that might interest you.

They range from Tiny House Nation to Selling Sunset. 

However, these programs may not be as educational or informative as other forms of media like books or webinars.

They can still provide some insight into how people buy and sell property every day.

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