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The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Brokerage Guide: Why EXP Realty?


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Buying a home is one of the most important steps in the lives of many people. It is a sign that you have a place of your own, where you can live in peace.

However, it would be hard to get your ideal home without the services of a professional agent and brokerage. eXp Realty is one of the best service providers on the market.

This article explores what the company offers and why eXp Realty and one of their agents could be your ticket to finding your first or next home.

About eXp realty and Keller Williams

eXp Realty is part of a network that includes Keller Williams. It’s the largest residential real estate company in North America, with more than 100,000 agents and well over $100 billion worth of property sold annually!

eXp provides professional training for new recruits as well as seasoned professionals to help them succeed.

eXp Realty is a leading real estate company that offers various services for individuals and businesses. You can use eXp Realty to buy, sell or rent property anywhere in the US.

The brokerage provides independent advice without any strings attached. It helps its clients find their optimal deal by creating more than 16,000 cap deals per year with an average commission split of 50/50 between you and eXp Realty – that means you get $11 million worth of deals every single day!

In addition to this service, eXp Realty also has other valuable features such as live training events and weekly training meant to help real estate agents become successful in their business. All these benefits make it clear why so many people choose eXp REALTY!

Why Join eXp Realty?


eXp Realty is a nationwide independent real estate brokerage that offers all the benefits of a large company with an affiliate network, without any of the drawbacks.

eXp operates through 16 regional subsidiaries and over 400 branch offices in 29 states.

Our agents can offer their clients cutting-edge technology from our cloud-based listing platform and data management system to help them find exactly what they need as quickly as possible. 

Fortune 500 companies have trusted eXp for decades because we combine local expertise with a full suite of state-of-the-art tools designed just for you!  

The team specializes in revenue sharing, so you don’t have to worry about losing money if your agent doesn’t sell homes fast enough or becomes unavailable for business reasons.

We also offer a cutting-edge mobile app for both buyers and sellers that is sure to get the job done while on the go.

eXp’s strong commitment to customer service has made us one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in America. We have agents who are innovators, explorers, professionals – someone just like you!

Buying and Selling a House Made Easy

Purchasing a home is usually one of the largest investments that you will make in your lifetime.

This investment can be complicated and stressful, but eXp Realty makes it easy with their team of experts who are trusted by both sellers and buyers alike to get them the best possible results for all parties involved.  

eXp Realty has a surpassed track record – They have sold over $150 billion worth of homes since 1988, which means they’ve been through just about every type of deal imaginable!

You can trust this company’s expertise as they’ll work hard on your behalf to help you find what you’re looking for.

Buying a home  

Buying a home can be an exciting experience, but it’s also important to understand the process before you start looking at houses. eXp Realty has created some quick guides together with buyer checklists for those who are just starting out on their search: 

  • Your Home-Buying Checklist – This is a handy list of mortgage terminology and what they mean in plain English so that you know exactly what you’re getting into! You’ll also find information about how much house payment every person should pay, which monthly bills will affect your loan approval, and pitfalls to avoid during this time.  
  • eXp World Lending Guide – If you need help finding loans or financing options from various sources, then this guide provides all of the tools necessary to get you to a decision in no time. Read about the different types of loans and find out why you should never be afraid of asking questions about your loan!
  • eXp World Lending Calculator – This calculator helps take away some of the stress when it comes to budgeting for a new home, as well as understanding how much house payment every person should pay based on age, salary, monthly bills, etc. You can also compare what you may qualify for with this helpful tool that will let you know whether or not you are qualified for certain rates and terms just by plugging in numbers into an easy-to-use interface.

Selling a home  

  • eXp World Foreclosure Resources – The foreclosure process can be a long and difficult one, but eXp Realty is here to help. The first step is to contact a foreclosure specialist who will call you back within 24 hours. Talk about what your options are, including short sales and deeds instead of foreclosure, which can help minimize the damage done to your credit score during this difficult time.  
  • eXp World Home Inspection Services – Whether buying or selling property, an independent home inspection by eXp Realty’s Certified Professional Inspector gives buyers more peace of mind when making their final decision on whether or not they want to go through with the sale. This service includes thermal imaging scanning for any faulty wiring; infrared scanning for water leaks; video recording for structural issues hidden from the naked eye; mold testing, and remediation consulting services if applicable. 

Opportunities for Real Estate Agents at eXp world

Some people like to invest in real estate themselves, while others prefer not to. If investing sounds interesting to you, eXp Realty has a program that offers investors an opportunity to invest in the company and earn monthly revenue shares for their money. This is called being part of the eXp World family!

The “eXp” stands for experience – this brokerage firm knows what it’s doing when it comes to real estate; they’ve had over 20 years’ worth of business knowledge at your disposal when you need them most.

eXp Realty will provide new agents with all training necessary so they can be confident and successful on their own as well as a weekly live video conference where past deals are discussed and analyzed by experts who have been there before.

They also offer agent reviews which help newcomers get up-to-speed quickly while developing relationships with customers around the globe.

The eXp family is a community-based group that provides guidance, support, and encouragement for all of its members.

Agents can work at their own pace while still being surrounded by like-minded people who have the same goals in mind. They provide agents with opportunities that lead them towards success without needing to give up any equity or control over their business.  

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity where you can make money AND be your own boss then eXp Realty might just be what you’ve been waiting for!   

eXp Realty offers independent real estate agents the chance to join its company and earn monthly revenue shares for their work.

Revenue shares can be earned for setting up a lead, closing a sale, or listing your own property with eXp Realty – and the more you work, the more revenue shares you will make!

What are the benefits of joining eXp Realty family

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Work from anywhere  

The opportunity to work from anywhere! No office hours. Work from home or anywhere there’s an internet connection. This is a great opportunity to make money working only on the days you feel like it, unlike the brick and mortar offices where one must be there physically.  

If this sounds like a gig that might be for you, visit our website and fill out our online application form today!

Once your application has been accepted by eXp Realty, we’ll send over all of the information you need so that you can start earning revenue shares as soon as possible.

Determine what you earn  

For many agents, eXp is an opportunity to earn as much as they want. Income isn’t tied to a commission split with eXp Family – it’s all up to the individual agent how much they make.

This allows agents that are more successful than others (who might not be so lucky on this front) to make money without working any harder.

It also allows for people who don’t have a lot of experience, but still want in on REI and can commit time towards learning about real estate, earning an income while doing their research, and accruing knowledge through weekly training sessions.

Revenue-share is paid by eXp Realty and does not affect their commission. Note also that eXp agents receive revenue share from the sales activity of active agents they helped join the company.

Become part of the family  

A private Facebook group where eXp Realty Agents share helpful tips for success in house flipping, real estate investment, and more.

Weekly training sessions that offer live instruction in various subjects related to the field of investing in property.

A better career path

eXp offers agents an opportunity for a career path with room to grow as they take on different tasks throughout their workday which can include everything from finding properties online, scheduling showings, researching specific areas or neighborhoods, negotiating deals between buyers and sellers (or acting as the mediator when necessary), handling paperwork such as initial contracts/agreements and closing documents – you name it!

No transaction fee  

One thing we love is that there are no “transaction fees” at eXp Realty. You only get paid if someone successfully buys or sells a home through your efforts.

That means you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs, so you can focus your efforts on getting the job done. eXp agents also receive a share of their company’s revenue in commission splits, which means they’re rewarded based on how much business is taken care of by them and their team. That means higher paychecks as well!   

We know that some people will be hesitant at first because there are no transaction fees or commissions with eXp Realty, but just think for a second: this system provides an opportunity to earn more money without having to spend it unnecessarily (and if you do want something like that, we work with other brokers who offer those opportunities too).

Also, if you join eXp Realty, eXp field reps make sure you have everything they need to get the job done, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it yoursel

eXp Realty Services

To succeed in any field, you must have a plan. This is also true for real estate investing and many avenues lead up the path of success with eXp Realty. We offer four different ways to get started on your investment journey:  

  • Work side by side with an experienced agent at eXp Realty – our agents split their earnings or profits 50/50 with you! These brokers will hold your hand through every step of the process and help guide you towards financial security.  
  • Join one of our independent brokerage stations across the country where new agents can earn additional income beyond what they would make as a salesperson without being bound by office politics or high cap rates. Our “revenue sharing” model allows agents to earn up to $15,000+ monthly with a small investment.  
  • Join the eXp Realty family as an independent agent and share in 20% of all revenue generated by your referral leads (and increase this percentage if you are also an exp broker) – 100% commission-based! You will have access to our CRM system that helps track customer activity and manage business growth.  
  • Work from anywhere on your own schedule with eXp World Holdings Inc., a virtual company where we provide cloud-based solutions for real estate professionals looking to start their own brokerage or expand their existing franchise. Our financial success is dependent upon yours; find out how we can help you grow into the next level without having huge overhead expenses!

Our Multiple States

Since eXp is an international company, we have agents in 20 different states which offer a variety of opportunities for real estate transactions.

This has the potential to open up many more commission caps and offers your customer way more options when it comes time for them to buy or sell their home.

Services Offered at eXp Realty

Lead Generation  

The first step is to generate leads. This involves creating marketing materials, implementing a lead management system, and following up with potential clients. eXp Realty agents are tasked with generating leads.

Agents can use both traditional and modern methods to initiate contact, but they must ensure that the person understands fully what it is that eXp offers.

The agent should also be sure to get all of their information for marketing purposes later on. There are three different types of lead generation techniques:  

  • Cold calling – cold callers will often leave messages or set appointments without knowing if a potential client wants such communication  
  • Outbound telemarketing – this involves more calls than cold calling  and includes following up with clients after an initial meeting  or phone conversation has been made, offering incentives like gift cards or prizes as rewards for attending open house events  or home showings  
  • Inbound telemarketing – in this type of marketing, the agent is more likely to be contacted by potential clients than in other cases  and will usually have a high success rate for new leads. In order to make such an approach work well, agents must ensure that they can provide enough information about their company and services so as not to overwhelm the client with too much data at once. They should also know when it’s appropriate to let the person take time before giving them any details if they seem hesitant or overwhelmed. This way, eXp can build trust through honesty and quality customer service while still providing all necessary information without being overbearing or pushy about sales tactics right off the bat.

Property Management Services  

Once an investor has found the right property for them, it needs to be maintained in good condition so that the value of their investment does not depreciate over time.

To ensure this happens regularly, eXp Realty offers property management services such as leasing and tenant screening.

Property management is an important service to offer if you want your agents to be successful, as it reduces the risk of vacancy and property damage.

No matter what type of investor they are – from first-time buyers looking for their starter home or a passive investment that lets them take care of themselves rather than deal with tenants, eXp Realty can help investors find success in real estate!

Brokerage Services  

A real estate broker will help investors find properties they can invest in by using resources like MLS listings or other websites where available information about new properties is posted daily. 

  • Consulting Services: With experience comes knowledge, so eXp Realty offers consulting services to provide investors with insight on the market, listings, and financing options.
  • Transition Services: From first-time investors to experienced and established entrepreneurs, the eXp Realty team can help with all transitions.

Management Services  

eXp Realty handles management services for investors interested in a property without any risk of self-management or tenant issues that could arise on their own. 

  • Listing Services: Investors looking to sell a property will need a listing service from eXp Realty. The brokerage has been around since 1978 so they know how to get your house sold fast!
  • Transaction Fees: There are no transaction fees at eXp Realty (excluding VA financing). They charge an administrative fee based on the type of real estate investment you’re considering as well as agent commission percentages which range between 15% and 25%.

Independent Brokerage  

Being an independent brokerage means that eXp Realty can offer a number of different services in one office – from listing your property to helping you find another investment opportunity.

Social Media  

eXp Realty is on the leading edge of social media. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with thousands of followers across all platforms. 

  • Glenn Sanford: Sanford has been working in real estate for over 25 years as a broker and entrepreneur. He started eXp Realty to provide investors with an opportunity that no other brokerage could: leveraging technology to maximize their business potential!  

eXp agents will help you find success by showing you how to scale your income through revenue sharing programs like FBA (Franchise Business Associate), RSDPs (Revenue Sharing Distributors Program), or ACBPS (Affiliate Commissions Booster Programs). Independent brokers may not be able to offer these types of services.

Financial Advice  

As part of their service package, financial advice is included for any investor who wants it. This may be used as a supplement to other professional advisers or just general information about how investing has worked out well for others.

Other offers  

Apart from the services mentioned above, we also provide the following services to our agents:   

Income for Broker Reviews – eXp Realty pays a $25 commission fee, in addition to any other earnings or profits from the transaction. Agents earn an additional $25 every time they write a broker review for their own brokerage and successfully close on that referral within 90 days of referring it.

Virtual Office Technology provides access to cloud-based agent technology tools so you can work anywhere with an internet connection as if you were sitting at your desk at eXp Realty’s headquarters in Dallas, TX.

You have everything you need right there on your computer screen! Get organized, keep track of leads & appointments, take notes during meetings, and check inventory without ever leaving home or office. 

20% of agents’ commissions are allocated to an account that they can use for their own financial success with eXp Realty. This is a win-win because the agent manages his or her earnings and profits, but the brokerage also keeps in touch via monthly activity updates on how much money has accumulated in this account so you know where your business stands financially.  

Social Media marketing provides another opportunity for independent brokers to make extra income without having to do any additional work.

By collaborating with other businesses who want social media exposure, eXp Realty will pay up to $500 per month for every new post about them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If it meets their criteria (minimum 75 words). Agents get paid directly from the company for this.  

eXp Realty is the first real estate brokerage to offer a Revenue Sharing Program. The agent doesn’t have to do any work, but he or she will get an additional 20% of every commission check that they would normally receive from their own transactions on top of all other earnings and profits (100%). This way, you can profit with no effort whatsoever – simply by sharing revenue!  

Agents also get access to EXp World Holdings Inc., our parent company which provides financial services such as wealth management, banking, etc.

They provide insurance products in conjunction with State Farm Insurance; 401K plans through Fidelity Investments; asset protection programs offered by Lloyds Of London; mortgages through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; and a variety of banking services through multiple institutions.

How to invest with eXp Realty

Real estate is one of the most profitable investments you can make, and investing in a company that specializes in real estate allows your investment to grow with eXp Realty.

Successful investors are able to exercise these qualities: leadership for success; taking an active approach by exercising your skills on what’s important while still achieving balance; choosing which opportunities suit them best based on their goals and objectives as well as risk tolerance.

The job requires patience but offers rewards if you’re willing to put time into it, like building relationships and creating connections outside of the office – all efforts which require work will yield results only from successful people.

Traditional brokerages have commission caps so they often don’t provide agents incentives or benefits, whereas eXp has an equity program that offers new agents the opportunity to work with a leader and an independent brokerage.  

They have training classes every week, as well as successful company leadership – which includes CEOs who are publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange – offers a career path for anyone who is looking to grow their skills and be involved in the success of a company.

Their agents have access to an equity program, as well as opportunities to work with companies like AT&T and Verizon Wireless that are publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.  

eXp Realty has built its business around successful principles because only those efforts which require hard work will yield results from people who are willing to put time into it – building relationships outside of office hours, creating connections beyond your current network.  

eXp Realty’s blog posts offer insight into what it takes to succeed in the real estate business or becoming a broker at this independent brokerage.

They offer advice about how everyone can get started by using our strategic planning process, and will help you grow your business with tools like our digital marketing campaign.  

eXp Realty offers a commission cap for agents that are not yet licensed brokers or currently enrolled in school – making it easier to earn money without the high costs of traditional brokerages.  

Finally, they offer training classes (both online and on-site) as well as an equity program for new agent recruits who want to pursue real estate careers but don’t have enough capital for upfront investments.

With these two elements, eXp Realty has put forth efforts that require hard work so that people can reap success from their efforts if they’re willing to put time into building relationships outside of office hours and creating connections beyond your current network.  

This independent brokerage offers a digital marketing campaign, commission cap for agents not yet licensed brokers or currently enrolled in school, training classes (both online and on-site), as well as an equity program for new agent recruits who want to pursue real estate careers but don’t have enough capital upfront investments.

With these two elements, eXp Realty has put forth efforts that require hard work so that people can reap success from their own efforts if they’re willing to put time into building relationships outside of office hours and creating connections beyond your current network.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage

In the world of real estate brokerage, eXp is without a doubt a leader. An eXp agent is able to learn a lot more than what other firms offer.  

Here are some of the factors you should consider when looking for an alternative real estate company:

Commission caps and commission splits  

The commission cap is the percentage of the sale amount that eXp Realty pays to their agents. The capped rate for a full-service broker is 20% in all states except Arizona, where it’s 18%.

Agents can earn up to 24% with independent brokers but they’re required to pay more upfront costs and take on additional responsibilities like transaction management.

Keep this in mind when deciding which brokerage you wish to work with as an agent or if you are looking for one yourself.

Traditional vs independent brokerages  

eXp Realty offers both traditional (full service) and independent brokerage programs, so there is something available for everyone interested in joining them as a realtor.

Whether you want to be part of a professional, established company like eXp Realty or you want to do everything yourself and make the most of your commission, both programs are beneficial for different reasons.

The traditional brokers have a 20% cap on their percentage rate while independent brokers can earn up to 24%.  

The benefits of an Independent Brokerage with eXp Realty

If you decide that running your own brokerage is what interests you the most then joining eXp Realty as an independent broker would be perfect!

Sure it takes more time and effort than just being a realtor but if you’re looking for full control over how much money you make from transactions then this type of program might be right for you.  

A real estate agent at eXp realty is encouraged to apply successful sales efforts which require a proper understanding of the industry.

For these agents at eXp, success will depend on how much effort one makes. But with the right leadership, your success is guaranteed – which is what eXp offers.


If you’re like many other real estate agents, you may be wondering how to find the best brokerage for your needs. You want access to exclusive listings and a team that will support you in all of your endeavors – without breaking the bank!

eXp Realty is proud to offer its stock award program which provides our employees with an equity stake in the company they work for. Not only does this motivate them, but it also helps attract top talent from around the world who are looking for more than just a paycheck.

We invite any agent who wants their own slice of success to get started today by requesting information about our headquarters or contacting us directly.

casanovabrooksCasanova Brooks is a real estate entrepreneur. With a background as a licensed realtor at Berkshire Hathaway and currently serving as a Change Agent at eXp Realty, Casanova brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Beyond real estate transactions, Casanova is a seasoned motivational speaker, author, and podcast host. His book, “Real Estate: Play the Game Like the Winners,” reflects his commitment to sharing insights and strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Join him on his journey as he continues to make waves in the world of real estate and beyond.

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