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Why Are Agents Leaving Exp Realty In 2023?


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If you are someone who prefers to learn through watching or listening rather than reading, in this video we discuss a few of these reasons: 

The Untold TRUTH about Why Most Agents Leave eXp

1) They don’t want to collaborate with another real estate agents


The key to success in any industry is often collaboration, and the real estate industry is no different. Unfortunately, many real estate agents are still stuck in the traditional agent mindset of competition, which can hold them and new agents back from achieving their full potential. This is one of the reasons why many real estate agents leave the eXp Realty.

At eXp Realty, collaboration is the name of the game. Everyone who is a part of the real estate transactions at this company is a stakeholder or owner, not just an eXp agent, which means good agents see that they have a vested interest in each other’s success. This creates a unique culture where agents are encouraged to share their best practices, tips, and scripts to help each other succeed. However, some agents are not willing to collaborate. They are afraid that if they share their knowledge with fellow agents, they will create competition for themselves. This is a shortsighted view that ultimately hurts everyone involved.

For those who are willing to put in the work and collaborate with other agents, eXp Realty provides eXp agents with a wealth of resources and opportunities to help them grow their business (from classes and training sessions to networking events and a supportive online brokerage community)

2) They don’t choose the right sponsor after joining eXp Realty


The second reason why many people leave eXp Realty is often due to the lack of the right sponsor or mentor. 

It’s important to note that your sponsor person is not necessarily your mentor, and the value you gain from your sponsor depends on your willingness to put effort into the relationship. Therefore, it’s essential to find someone who aligns with your goals and values. For instance, if you’re a family person who prefers an 8-to-5 job, you may seek a mentor who has built their own business model around similar values.

When choosing a sponsor, it’s important to ensure that they can help you achieve your goals. It’s no different from when you decide what you’re gonna do as far as a degree. If you’ve ever gone to college, you have to figure that part out, and then you have to seek out somebody, you have to be an intern for somebody, you have to shadow somebody who’s already doing what you wanna do. And so it’s very important that your sponsor is somebody that you can learn from and that you can most importantly leverage. They don’t have to be someone who sells hundreds of homes a year; they can be someone who has experience in building expansion businesses or asking the right questions. So ask yourself, what are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? And then what you want to do is you wanna double down on your strengths and make sure you partner up with somebody who has your weaknesses. 

For me, one of my strengths has always been relationships. I’ve built relationships. I’ve had the founder of eXp Realty on my podcast, I’ve had the president of growth on my podcast and I’ve done three-way calls with big, big teams who are doing more than a hundred million dollars because I understood how to build relationships and I was not only building rapport and relationships with my clients, but I was also building it with other agents.

Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid joining eXp Realty just because someone else told you about it, but rather, join it because you believe it can help your business grow and sell more.

Ultimately, the right sponsor and mentor can make a huge difference in your success at eXp Realty. They can connect you with local teams, teach you the ropes, and provide mentorship and coaching. So, if you don’t take the time to find the right person who can guide you in the direction of your goals, you probably are better off leaving eXp realty for good.

3) Not willing to plug into the training at eXp Realty


The third reason why people leave eXp Realty is because they don’t fully commit to the training and systems. 

Initially, when I joined the company, I wasn’t taking advantage of the live shows, masterminds, or online training. I thought I could make it work on my own, but it wasn’t until my mentor, who didn’t sell much real estate, encouraged me to attend an event that I realized the value of plugging in.

Attending that event was a game-changer. I gained transparency into how other leaders in the company were building their businesses, and it gave me a sense of community knowing that I wasn’t alone. I also learned about key insights into the company’s future direction and how they were disrupting the industry with their technology platforms and personal development initiatives.

It’s important to give your all to succeed at anything. Don’t leave with regrets because everything you need to succeed is available to you, specially with a publicly traded company that has stock ownership and financial investment from seven levels of people, which is what eXp Realty offers every real estate agent: a collaborative environment that helps agents dominate the competition. And with their commitment to innovative technology, branding, business planning, influence, and income, agents can also give back to their communities if they so desire.

4) They think the grass is greener elsewhere in the real estate industry


The fourth reason that real estate agents leave eXp realty is because they think the grass is greener elsewhere.

Many real estate agents believe that they already know everything there is to know about selling real estate, and they do not need any more training. However, this is a mistake. Real estate is an ever-evolving industry, and with more agents, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

Or maybe they believe that other companies offer better compensation. While this may be true in some cases, it is not always the case. eXp Realty offers agents a unique revenue-sharing business model that allows many agents to earn more money over time. Agents who stay with eXp Realty can also expect to benefit from the company’s stock ownership program and collaboration over competition culture.

Real estate agents who leave their current brokerages to find greener pastures often find that the grass is only greener where you water it, the agents that understand this are the ones that stay and thrive. In other words, success is not about the company you work for, but about the effort you put in with the resources you are provided with.

There have been some agents who have chosen to go to brokerages because they want to focus more on monetary gains and get 100% of their commission. With a strong focus on maximizing agent income, the innovative “brokerage as a service” model empowers agents to maintain control over their brand where they can operate under their own venture and manage it autonomously.

While everyone has a different focus for their career this is why it’s important to make sure you have an end goal in mind and look at all aspects of your career before making a choice.

5) They’re NOT willing to adapt


In the ever-changing landscape of the real estate industry, agents need to stay adaptable and open to new ways of doing things. It’s understandable that some agents may be resistant to change, especially if they’ve been successful using other methods of selling homes in the past.  However, it’s important to remember that eXp Realty’s approach is based on the latest technology and industry trends, and it’s designed to help agents succeed in today’s market.

Despite this, some agents are unwilling to adapt to the company’s approach, and as a result, may not see the success they were hoping for.

In addition to providing agent training and systems, eXp Realty also offers a unique ownership structure that allows agents to earn equity in the company. This brokerage model is just one example of the company’s commitment to innovation and providing agents with new ways to build their business and achieve success.

Ultimately, the real estate agents who are most successful at eXp Realty are the ones who are willing to adapt and embrace the company’s approach to agent success. By plugging into the training and systems, attending events and masterminds, and staying up-to-date on the latest trends, agents can position themselves for long-term success in revenue share and growth.

joining a team

To sum it all up...

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If you are a real estate agent currently with eXp Realty and you’re feeling that your business seems like it’s not living up to your expectations, it’s important to ask yourself how much you are putting into it: Are you attending classes, reaching out to other agents, and actively seeking out opportunities to learn and grow your real estate team? Or are you simply coasting along, expecting success to come to you without putting in the work

Ultimately, the decision to stay with eXp Realty or leave is up to you as a business owner. But if you are willing to embrace the value of collaboration over competition and put in the effort to grow your business, eXp Realty can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals.

casanovabrooksCasanova Brooks is a real estate entrepreneur. With a background as a licensed realtor at Berkshire Hathaway and currently serving as a Change Agent at eXp Realty, Casanova brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Beyond real estate transactions, Casanova is a seasoned motivational speaker, author, and podcast host. His book, “Real Estate: Play the Game Like the Winners,” reflects his commitment to sharing insights and strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Join him on his journey as he continues to make waves in the world of real estate and beyond.

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