A Simple Trick that Will Change Your Mindset

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Remember when you were 15 years old and would wake up every single day with a smile on your face? Of course, it’s not the same for every 15-year-olds: maybe the lucky year for you was 14 or 16. But what I’m trying to say, is that as a teenager with no worries, no heavy responsibilities we were able to open our eyes at 8:30 in the morning and just simply be happy for a new day. As time goes on, we grow up, finish our studies, find a job to support ourselves, we even get married and have children of our own. And what happens next? All of those amazing things that happen to us bring with them some sorts of worries, doubts, and commitments. And it’s time to change your mindset.

Do you wake up in the morning with the first thought in your mind being “I really wish I didn’t have to go there today.” Or “Winter is coming: the kids need warm clothes.” Or maybe you just don’t feel excited anymore for a life ahead of you. And when you lose the excitement, what follows next? Well, you’re not strong enough to open your bright brown eyes and face the reality anymore. Wow, heavy, right?

The thing is, it’s all you

The thing is, it’s all you: those doubt you have, the overthinking of the things you have no control of, that’s what’s putting you in a negative loop. And getting out seems like no option at the moment, trust me, I know. But the good news is, it’s all about to change.


Here’s what I came up with: I believe our days are made up of energies. When you get a negative vibe for 2-3 days straight you fall into a deep hole of resentment and fear. You start asking yourself questions like, “What is my life?” “What’s the purpose of this all?” But stop for a second and think about this: what happens when you inhale positivity for 5 days straight? Somehow that smile is back on your face, your co-workers like to better now, your spouse is happier to see you come home after work. It’s all because when we get positivity then we’re able to give back positivity. And everyone likes to be around positive people.

How to change your mindset

For me, one simple way of receiving positivity is by learning something new every day. It’s true! that’s how I get excited about life. I experience new things, I learn about the world and hence, I learn about myself. So the trick is to keep yourself excited. Now you might have another way: maybe you need to go on hella scary roller coaster from time to time and get that adrenaline boost. Maybe you need to meet new people: networking and making friends is always a great way of staying curious about life. But whatever your trick is, make sure to never forget about it and always stay on top.

change your mindset

Oh, and if you feel like you’re in a group of people who keep on shoving negativity (or even just pessimism) down your throat to the point where you go home with your eyebrows curled up and your mind cluttered, you got to get yourself out of there. I know, I know, those are your friends and you can’t just leave them. But here’s what you can do: find the ones that give you only happy and upbeat vibes, grab those vibes and take them to your negative friends. You never know: you might even make a change in their lives when you change your mindset. 

Learning something new every day: whether it’s communicating with your parents and getting to know more about your heritage, watching a YouTube video about how to plant a lemon tree and make sure it grows, learning about how to be your most productive self, gaining new customers or finally starting that online business of yours, it’s a trick that will keep you in constant positivity.

So, how do you change your mindset? Share with us your tips and tricks and let’s make this place full of energies we’d all like to be in.

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