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Portfolio Diversification: Is It Worth Investing In Real Estate in Thailand?


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For many years, Thailand has been not only an extremely popular tourist destination but also a sought-after place for real estate investors. Thailand’s diverse market offers a great variety of investment opportunities to people from all over the world. On top of that, favorable economic environment and an array of benefits for overseas buyers. 

Those thinking of purchasing property for sale in Thailand for investment and diversification of their portfolios should learn more about the specifics of the local market. In the article, we will examine different factors that make Thailand an attractive investment destination and take a closer look at the cities with the highest rental yields. 

Diversification of investment portfolio through real estate

Diversification is a crucial aspect that should be taken into account when forming a reliable investment portfolio. One of the most efficient ways to do it is to include real estate in a portfolio. This will help to minimize risks and ensure stability in case of market fluctuations.

Among the reasons to consider purchasing a property for this purpose are the potentially high investment returns. First, real estate tends to increase in value as time passes, especially if you buy housing in newly built or off-plan developments. It is also possible to rent out a property and have a stable passive income.

At last, buying investment real estate provides the ability for hands-on management and servicing, which allows the owner to control their investment. Altogether, the opportunity for high returns, diversification, and personal involvement make real estate investing a wise decision.

Reasons to choose Thailand for real estate investments

When deciding whether real estate in Thailand is a worthwhile investment, you need to consider several factors. One of the key advantages of such investments is a stable country’s economy. The Thai government has implemented a variety of policies to stimulate growth. One of them is providing tax exemptions to investors from other countries. In addition, the country is becoming more and more appealing for running businesses as the government is actively investing in infrastructure and transportation. 

Another factor is the growing tourism industry. It is especially noticeable in popular tourist destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Investors can capitalize on the influx of tourists due to the increased demand for rental properties. What’s more, increasing tourist activity leads to the emergence of new infrastructure in Thailand. A lot of new residential complexes are being built, as well as healthcare and educational facilities, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. 

Meanwhile, investors have benefited from the rising demand for luxury housing from both international and domestic tourists, leading to an increase in the number of luxury properties under construction in these areas. Thanks to these factors, investors can be assured that their investments will grow. 

Best areas to buy property in Thailand

When choosing a property for investment in Thailand, it is very important to carefully consider its location. The place where your property is located plays a significant role in determining your future profit. Your final choice will depend on your goals and budget. However, it is a smart move to consider cities with higher demand for rentals and, consequently, higher ROIs. Among them are:

Bangkok — the most vibrant city in Thailand

Apartments here are in high demand among travelers as well as professionals who come to Thailand to do business. Property prices are constantly rising here, so it can be a good choice for both rentals and future resale. 

Phuket — the most sought-after tourist destination

Investors, who have chosen this location, prefer a long–term investment strategy. Rental accommodation here is in constant demand, especially short-term housing for vacationers. You can consider buying a villa with a private pool, which will be suitable for both travelers and people relocating to Thailand.  

As opposed to Phuket, here you can find apartment buildings. Property there can be purchased for the most attractive prices. 

It is important to understand your investment goal before choosing the right location and type of property. Do not hesitate to ask your real estate agent about the specifics of each destination to choose the place that perfectly suits you. 

Risks and difficulties of purchasing real estate for investments

Even though Thailand offers an array of opportunities for investors, it is crucial to be careful and consider all the possible risks you may encounter. The risks and difficulties of buying property in Thailand include: 

Restrictions on land-owning

Even if you buy a villa in a freehold zone, you are not allowed to own land underneath it. However, foreigners can rent this land for 30 years with the possibility of subsequent extensions. This is one of the reasons why apartment complexes are usually in higher demand among foreign investors than villas and mansions.  


It is vital to work only with a reliable real estate agent, as well as thoroughly review all the documents before purchasing. There are known fraud cases in the Thai real estate market, so it is essential to take the required precautions.

Risks associated with location

Sometimes properties may be located in areas that are affected by flooding or natural disasters, which may introduce additional risks to investors. 

Fluctuations in the market

Thailand’s market, like any other, can be prone to fluctuations. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly research the market conditions at the time of purchase and consult a real estate professional for advice.

Keeping all these possible risks in mind will help you avoid them and make a successful transaction.

Choosing the most lucrative property in Thailand for investments

The real estate aggregator Thailand-Real.Estate works directly with leading developers and real estate agencies and is ready to offer you the most appealing offers in the Thai market. You can find an ideal investment option according to your goals and budget. Start choosing your future profitable investment property today. 


Purchasing real estate for investments in Thailand comes with risks and difficulties such as restrictions on land owning, fraud, location risks, and market fluctuations. It is important to be cautious and work with reliable agents while thoroughly reviewing all documents. Conducting thorough research and consulting professionals can help investors avoid these risks. Thailand-Real.Estate can assist investors in finding lucrative investment properties.

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