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Ownerly Review: Is Ownerly.com a Scam or Legit?


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It is no secret that Ownerly.com is a website that provides home valuation and other services related to real estate. Ownerly has been around for some time now, but does Ownerly offer any benefits?

Read this Ownerly review to learn more about its features and whether it is worth your time.

What is Ownerly?

Ownerly is a home valuation website that offers services, such as owner history, mortgage calculators, and an estimate of your home’s value. One can access this service through their web browser or mobile app.

Both versions are free to use and offer the same features. Other Ownerly benefits include homeowners insurance reviews to help you find the right coverage for your property.


Before using any home value estimator, it’s crucial to establish whether it’s accurate. So, is Ownerly accurate?

Ownerly is accurate in that owners must provide some form of identification. This allows the team to verify the owner and use their address for their home value estimator.

However, owners are encouraged to provide additional information on other home valuation factors such as square footage and the age of the house to get a more accurate home valuation.

Ownerly offers three different levels of estimations – quick estimate (no data points), standard estimates with owner-supplied data including square footage or date built, and professional assessment, which includes all owner-supplied data.

There’s no owner-supplied information required to get a quick estimate, which is suitable for those who are curious and don’t have anything else to contribute.

The difference between Ownerly and other home valuations tools like Zillow is that Ownerly.com doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach to home value estimates.

Ownerly is confident that their owner-provided data and algorithms will produce the most accurate valuation of your home. It’s free, so there is no harm in trying it out for yourself.

The Ownerly team has been building web applications since 2007, which has taught them how to create high-quality software without cutting corners on customer service or marketing spend as other companies do.

This means you can be sure they’ll stick around long enough to answer any questions you might have after using Ownerly. That being said, Ownerly also offers live chat support through this site if you’re interested in asking them something directly about your house project today.

How safe is it to use Ownerly.com?

Whether you are a real estate agent or a home buyer, this online home value tool is a perfect fit for all your needs. Many users have been using Ownerly.com for years, so you’ll get a slight feel of how it works just by reading their reviews.

Customer service is also top-notch, and the Ownerly team is always available to answer any questions you might have about your project now or in the future, even if they’re not explicitly related to Ownerly. This means that the company will be around as long as you need them!

If I were choosing between ownerless and other home valuation tools on the market today, then this would be my preferred option because of all these reasons combined:

Understandably, you may want to know if it’s a scam or a safe site to use. The company has many years of experience, offering you something to trust.

It is safe to use Ownerly and a great alternative to other home valuation and customer service sites.

However, you may find some issues with their pricing model, which is not yet fully developed. Nevertheless, every user can access online support when searching for any data. You never have to worry about losing your money because the tool is free.

Who are the partners of Ownerly.com?

If you are still wondering if the automated analytics systems on Ownerly are trustworthy, consider its network of partnerships. It seems to have a network with all the relevant partners.

You can be sure to access many seller leads when you partner with Ownerly.com. The platform is always ready to share any information to help an agent prospect their customer.

What are Ownerly's services?

ownerly services

Even if you do not need to provide any personal data, Ownerly is always there for your business needs. They offer a platform where many agents and customers can collaborate. You will also benefit from the latest tools to help you grow your leads network in no time.

With Ownerly, it is easy to compare different pricing models and take advantage of them when buying or selling property online.

Moreover, Ownerly’s team offers expertise in all aspects of home-selling. They have professionals who deal with mortgage refinancing and insurance and security experts, among others.

Ownerly provides mortgage/refinancing rates, insurance policies, and online estimates for renovations. These are the details you need for home value estimation.

Although you can easily find them on Google, Ownerly is unique because they provide all the information in one place and can be accessed anywhere.

This free owner history site offers home value estimators, mortgage calculators, and more services to help homeowners with their properties. They also provide insurance reviews that help find options to protect your property against damage or theft.

You can use the app from your phone to check home value, get notifications when a new owner post is published, chat with other users, and more. Most of Ownerly’s blog posts are written based on personal experiences to help educate other homeowners like you.

How do you know you are with Ownerly's team?

Ownerly knows how important security is when buying homes, so if you have any doubts related to safety measures, their team of experts can answer all questions in detail.

If it is for your own home or the one of someone close to you, Ownerly’s agents will advise which models best suit your needs at a reasonable price. They also offer free quotes for clients who want to search for houses that fit their budget range.

What is Ownerly's growth rate?

The owner of this company is June, who started his business back in 2018 with some help from friends. Ownerly’s website offers information about its services like data models, which will keep homeowners updated.

Any user can access their growth data report from the official website. By 2021 June, the company has gained more than 100,000 referrals.

Is it easy to use Ownerly?

how to use ownerly

Using Ownerly is just like using any social media site like Facebook. The service providers have made things easy for users by creating a simple website. Contact information is displayed with easy access.

You can get a rough estimate of your home’s worth by inputting the address and clicking “Estimate Value” on the Ownerly.com menu, but this is not an official appraisal or evaluation. The best option would be to consult with a professional appraiser.”

The estimated value of your home is close enough to the actual value, though. And this could be all the knowledge you need to make your final decision.

Another great thing about the Ownerly site is that it uses cookies, which means you can always review your search history. Just like social media has changed the world, Ownerly makes valuing your home worth the time and effort.

What are Ownerly's prices?

The owner does not charge for his services but relies on referral fees from service providers who advertise their businesses through ownerly.com. Owners also can purchase advertising space or become premium members themselves if they so choose. Pricing information is available directly from provider websites listed within Ownerly site pages.

Ownerly Review: What Customers Think

Ownerly is a well-known company in the home value estimation industry and has helped many clients find their dream homes.

This service provides reports that can help you save money on your home sale or purchase, as it includes cost comparison for properties around the area!

Whether you’re looking at refinancing options or need advice from an Ownerly agent about how to buy or sell a house, they have got the answer right here.

Pros of using Ownerly.com housing market valuation tool

Easy to use
  •  Get the best properties for sale and find Ownerly agents to help you sell or buy a house.
  • Ownerly provides valuable information about the home value in your area. This is helpful when it comes time to decide which property among many should be chosen.
Happy Customers
  • “Ownerly’s customers are happy with their platform, as they can purchase reports at an affordable price.”
  • “This service will give unbiased estimates of any property’s worth based on location.”
  • The Ownerly home value estimator is free!
  • Ownerly also provides informative articles on buying or selling your property at no extra cost.
Skilled Professionals
  • An Ownerly’s agent, with expert knowledge and years of experience, can help you sell your house for top dollar.
  • Ownerly’s agents are skilled professionals who know the housing market. Their team has helped thousands of people find their dream homes and successfully buy/sell properties around the area.
User Friendly
  • The Ownerly website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This makes it a great way to search through all that data they have stored about houses in any given area.
  •  Additionally, ownerlys.com collects data from public records and websites to compile this valuable information for the Ownerly user. This means that agents don’t have direct access to personal contact information or other personal details – they only use publicly available resources such as social media sites like Facebook.
  • The Ownerly team encourages their users to share Ownerly content on various platforms. This increases awareness about Ownerlys services which helps increase conversion rates as well!

Cons of Ownerly.com


Ownerly is still a relatively new site, and it’s not clear how ownerly will grow in the future. They are monetizing the business by designing the site and creating home value reports BUT have not expanded it.

Not very many features
  • The Owners can’t currently request a free quote or estimate from an agent, but they are working on adding this feature soon.
  • It is a new company
  • Ownerly does not offer home value reports.
Not many online reviews
  •  There are no Ownerly’s agent reviews online right now because it’s so new, but soon enough, there will be.


Ownerly Analytics tool is a home value estimator that offers access to all your needs regarding real estate school, the housing market, property tax, and a rough estimate of your home’s value. It’s free and reaches users from across the world. It’s integrated with social media sites like Facebook.

Above all, the site has received lots of positive reviews from users. Hence, it’s trustworthy; although the given value may not be 100% accurate, it still could be enough. Contact their team if you have any questions about using the tool.

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