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How to Create a Real Estate Agent Bio


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As a real estate agent, you are often your most valuable marketing tool. By creating an engaging and informative bio or resume, you can boost your online presence and increase your chances of being contacted by potential clients.

But creating your real estate agent bio doesn’t have to be a complex task. In fact, it’s quite simple with a few tips and tricks.

In this post, you’ll learn how to create a real estate agent bio that stands out, helping you win clients fast.

What You Should Include in Your Real Estate Agent Resume

Before you start, it’s necessary to identify what you should include in your real estate agent bio. Depending on how you want to market yourself, certain elements will be more important than others. When creating an agent resume, include:

Real estate experience

It’s essential to include your real estate experience in your bio, especially if you’ve been in the business for a long time. Be sure to highlight any MLS designations or certifications you have earned.

Awards and achievements

How to Create a Real Estate Agent Bio

If you have received any accolades, particularly from your peers, be sure to highlight them in your real estate agent bio. For instance, if you are an industry leader or host an educational webinar on a specific topic, mention these accomplishments.


If other real estate agents or clients have referred you, make sure to include this in your bio. It would be best if you also mentioned any endorsements from media outlets and social media influencers.

Complete contact information

How to Create a Real Estate Agent Bio

Including an immediate phone number so clients can contact you right away is essential for a realtor bio. Be sure to use a click-to-call feature if possible.

Don’t forget to include an email address clients can use to get in touch with you.

Professional experience

Include all relevant work history in your real estate agent resume. If you have been a successful agent for several years, be sure to highlight this.

Your licenses and affiliations

Don’t forget to add your license information, including the state you are registered in, as well as any professional organizations or societies of which you’re a member.

Hobbies & interests

Don’t overlook the value of hobbies and other interests. Including these details might help show that certain clients share similar tastes or passions with you.

Although creating an agent resume is primarily intended for marketing purposes, it’s still important to list all relevant experiences. Include only those skills that will help boost your image as a real estate agent.

Your bio should also contain interesting facts about yourself, including hobbies and non-work-related pursuits. If there are events or causes you support, be sure to mention them.

Special certifications or licenses

Including any special licenses or certifications you possess can show clients how experienced and knowledgeable you are. Depending on the state where you practice, certain endorsements may be especially beneficial for marketing purposes.

Education information

How to Create a Real Estate Agent Bio

If applicable, include your educational background in your real estate agent bio. This shows how qualified you are to provide advice to potential buyers and sellers. Be sure to state which university you graduated from, your specialization within real estate, year of graduation. 

Keep in mind that even if formal education is not required by law, many agents still choose to include this information in their bio.

Professional affiliations

Including your affiliation with a professional organization or agency is a great way to show that you’re an active agent. It would also be great to mention if there are specific programs you advocate.

Tips for Creating Your Real Estate Agent Bio

How to Create a Real Estate Agent Bio

Once you have considered all these things, writing your realtor bio should be relatively easy. Consider the following tips:

Know your audience

When first creating a real estate agent resume, you should clearly understand who your target client is. For instance, if you are an agent in Jackson Hole, WY, targeting retirees over 50 is probably more effective than trying to appeal to the younger generation.

Be concise

Creating a real estate bio that’s too long can bore clients and turn them off instead of enticing them with your services. Try to keep it brief but relevant.

Convey personality

Make yourself out to be someone people would want to work with or know personally. Your interests, hobbies, passions, and other pertinent details should reflect your personality, so potential clients feel like they are getting a sense of who you are before meeting face-to-face.

Make sure necessary contact information is correct

Including both your business mailing address and office phone number conveys professionalism. If you’re unsure of what to write, simply looking at other real estate agent bios should give you an idea of how to proceed.


Lastly, try reading through your realtor bio out loud to catch any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes that might have slipped past you before sending the final draft.

How to Present Your Bio

Once you’ve identified what should be included in your real agent bio, you need to consider how it will be presented online. There are several options available depending on your personal preference and the type of market you work in:

A text-based bio

How to Create a Real Estate Agent Bio

A text-based bio is often the most common way to present a resume and is generally displayed below an image and alongside contact information. This option allows you to maximize space for writing but doesn’t allow for much design creativity.

An infographic style bio

How to Create a Real Estate Agent Bio

The infographic style of biographies is also typical as it allows you to convey your information visually appealing. In addition, providing links to relevant personal accounts can help clients get a better sense of who you are and give them the ability to connect with you on social media sites.

A video style bio

Creating a real estate agent bio formatted like a brief introductory video can be an attention-grabber and help potential clients visualize what working with you will be like.

This type of presentation will likely require more time and effort than either of the options mentioned above. Still, it may prove worthwhile if your target audience is particularly fond of watching videos online.

10 Real Estate Agent Bio Examples You Can Use to Inspire Your Own

There are many more real estate agent bios, but the examples below should give you some inspiration for creating your own:

“After selling real estate in California and Florida for 10 years, I’m looking forward to doing business with clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. I value spending time with family and friends as much as possible.” —Corey Stark

“My dad was a broker who inspired me at an early age to follow my dreams of becoming a real estate agent. With his help and guidance, I opened up my own business in 2010 and now enjoy helping others find the perfect home. My goal is to provide house-hunters with efficient service so they can get their search over quickly as possible.” —Lori Whitty

“I love working with people and hearing their stories, which is why I became a real estate agent. My goal is to help you find the home of your dreams.” —David Hunt

“In addition to being a full-time agent, I am also a licensed Realtor in Washington D.C., Florida, and Texas. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family as well as playing golf.” —Shane Black

“As a born-and-bred local who knows this area inside out, it’s easy for me to guide buyers through the entire process of buying homes in East Cobb from start to finish. For years I have dedicated myself to providing excellent service while staying on top of market trends and home values.” —Sharon Yarnall

“I have been in the real estate business for over 10 years, during which time I’ve helped clients buy or sell properties all around Los Angeles. I speak Spanish fluently and enjoy spending my free time with family and friends when not at work.” —Roxana Tobar

“In addition to being a dedicated real estate agent, I am also a licensed mortgage loan originator. In my free time, I love to cook, watch movies and spend quality time with my son.” —Barbara Melendez

“With many successful transactions under my belt in both South Jersey and Pennsylvania, I am excited to bring my services down to the beautiful Myrtle Beach area. I am committed to providing superior service and giving each of my clients individual attention.” —Tabatha Patterson

“I enjoy working with buyers and sellers in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.” —Anna Lee

“At Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, we love helping people realize their dreams of homeownership! Let us put our local expertise to work for you today by calling (800) 797-8085 now!” —Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


As you can see, writing a real estate agent bio is relatively simple. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when creating your realtor bio, so it comes off as professional and shows potential clients what sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

Once done successfully, this small part of your website could prove to be an extremely valuable asset that helps build trust with new customers since they will have a better idea of who you are before deciding whether or not to use your services.

casanovabrooksCasanova Brooks is a real estate entrepreneur. With a background as a licensed realtor at Berkshire Hathaway and currently serving as a Change Agent at eXp Realty, Casanova brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Beyond real estate transactions, Casanova is a seasoned motivational speaker, author, and podcast host. His book, “Real Estate: Play the Game Like the Winners,” reflects his commitment to sharing insights and strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Join him on his journey as he continues to make waves in the world of real estate and beyond.

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